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on 21 January 2016

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When the batsman strikes the ball collision take place and the physics of collisions are governed by the law of momentum. The collision changes the ball's momentum. The momentum is an impulse equal with the change in the momentum.
Spin Ball
Swing Ball
Physics controls two
key aspects of spin.The first
is friction, this is resistance that one object encounters when it moves over another. In cricket this is represented by the ball landing on the pitch.
The second is ROTATION. This is the action of rotating around an axis or center. This is represented by the rotations the bowler generates on the ball by dragging his fingers down the seam.
Conventional swing is all about aerodynamics and the pace at which different surfaces travel through the air.
For the ball to swing properly the two sides, either side of seam, must be very contrasting textures. One side is smooth and shiny, the other side is rough.
T mean the smooth side travel very quickly through the air with little resistance. While on the other hand, the rough side travels considerably slower though the air with a lot of resistance. This causes the ball to "SWING" or curl, towards the direction that the rough side is facing as the fast shiny side pushes across.
In CRICKET we use few types of
physics like forces, mass, newton
law and acceleration .
The bat dictates how well the batsman
can strike the ball and how far it will go.
The acceleration that newton describes
by the speed at which the batsman swing
his arm into the shot.
The mass is represented in the mass of
cricket bat and the force represents the
peace at which the ball travels off the
The formula is F=MA
F mean force
M mean mass
A mean acceleration
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