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Science Fiction: A Background Story

No description

Jennifer Harrell

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Science Fiction: A Background Story

Science Fiction: A Background Story
...so what is science fiction?
Science-fiction is a writing style which combines science and fictions
It is only limited by what we presently know about the physical laws of nature and science.
It evolved as a response to fantasy.
The first true science fiction novel; it was written by Mary Shelley.

The novel was the first English Sci Fi novel to deal with the possibility that science can create a monster that can destroy science, and possibly mankind.

She wrote about scientific practices and tried to persuade the reader that the story could actually happen.

.what in the world is that!?
is when a writer takes a known scientific fact and imagines what might happen if certain events or circumstances evolve.
Science Fiction VS.
In Science Fiction, there needs to be some possibility that the events could possibly happen.

Where as in Fantasy, the author can use far-fetched assumptions.
For example: Unicorns, three-legged creatures, four-eyed dragons
When you see the word "Science fiction"
...what do you think?
Shelley did not want to story to be considered "supernatural."
Remember that writers take scientific possibilities and develop them step-by-step from known data to form a story.
Major themes in Science Fiction are...
Space Travel-Star Wars, Star Trek
Time Travel to the past and future-Back to the Future
Psychological/biological changes to man brought about by scientific changes-The Incredible Hulk, Spiderman
Supernormal powers/talents-Superman, Batman
Science applied to human relations for constructive or destructive purposes-Frankenstein
Battle with alien life forms-District 9
Alternate Universe-Star Wars
Plot Conventions of Science Fiction

The Last Human on Earth
The Robot
Time Travel
The Lost Civilation
The Alternate World
The Fist Landing Story
The Alien Encounter
The Colonization of a New Planet
The End of the World
The Long Spaceship Voyage
The Computer
From the point of view of an alien
Some quick statistics
An estimated 500 feature films and shorts that can be classified as science fiction were made between 1948 and 1962.
Science fiction really became a popular cinematic genre after the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. This event prompted a rash of after-the-bomb and alien invasion films.
What are some Science Fiction films from this decade???
Men In Black
Planet of the Apes
Star Trek
War of the Worlds
Matrix Trilogy
I, Robot,
Cool...but why should we study Science Fiction?
It's entertaining!

Makes us wonder "what if!?"
Encourages creativity in writing and role-playing
Introduces us to a new literary genre
Teaches us lessons about the value and dangers of advanced technology
It enhances our imagination
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