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Subject/predicate; phrase; clause

Grade 12 writer's craft

Taylor Gray

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Subject/predicate; phrase; clause

phrase & clause Subject & Predicate By Allie, Taylor, Kaitlyn Subject & Predicate A sentence contains both a subject and predicate. The subject is what the sentence is about
and The predicate tells the reader something about the subject. _________ In the following sentence, the subject is highlighted and the predicate is in green: Subject & Predicate Jane went to the mall. and this one: Natalie walks on the beach. A phrase is a group of words in which there is no subject- verb interaction. Phrase & Clause A clause is a grammatical construction containing a subject and predicate. A Phrase A Clause An independent clause is able to stand by themselves and create a sentence with punctuation. Independent & Dependent Clauses Dependent clauses have a subject doing a verb, but have a subordinate conjunction placed in front of the clause. Since there is a subordinate conjunction the clause can not stand by it's self. A dependent clause depends on another clause because it can not be a complete sentence without it. "The girl went to school." i.e. i.e. "After the girl left school..." A phrase is a collection of words that can have nouns or verbals*. It does not have a subject doing an action (verb). A clause is a grammatical construction containing a subject and predicate. i.e. Before the first snowfall A phrase adds information to a sentence i.e. Before the first snowfall, I cleaned out the garden. Before the first snowfall, I cleaned out the garden. i.e. subject simple predicate complete predicate *A verbal is a noun or adjective formed from a verb
I enjoy running. Running is my favourite activity. Example. A phrase also does not contain a subject or predicate
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