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No description

Sara Coleman

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of PAYCOM

Presented by the firm of Star PR

Kyle Wallace, Account Manager
Sara Coleman, Vice President
Kiarah Bates, Account Director

Human Resources Management
Talent Acquisition
Talent Management
Time and Labor Management
What We Do

Products and services are reliable and consistent
Customer service and training is a priority
Keep customers updated on pertinent topics to their services
Community involvement could be improved
Marketing and Public Relations department has too much shared responsibility, PR needs to be expanded.
PR presence and content is good, but not consistent or strategic enough.

There’s room for community engagement and building those relationships by attending more local events (i.e. sporting events, job fairs, etc.)
Ability to improve PR efforts through strategic communication including a stronger social media presence.
Staff shortage, need more PR people to differentiate from Marketing department.
Company’s services need to be explain in a more concise way.
Not engaging will put Paycom behind competitors, losing customers in the long run.

Objective: Become more involved in the community
Key Publics
Small businesses
College students
Existing customers
Paycom cares about OKC and its people
Company is growing quickly with much invested within the community and local citizens
Strategies & Tactics
Attend local career fairs & events
Hold booths to promote available jobs and internships
Will also promote with other vendors in attendance
Sponsor public events around city
Purchase ad space at sporting events (i.e. regattas, football games)
Promote the Paycom name by giving free merchandise
Acknowledge Existing Customers
Working with existing customers to show appreciation through free products and luncheons
Revamp social media presence and engagement
Invest in location based outline ads dealing with small business, HR,etc.
Survey after events
Request attendees fill out a survey for chance to win prizes
Survey current customers to determine satisfaction before and after events
Measure online ads and social media engagement
Use analytics tools such as Google Analytics to measure impact
Compare measurements after each new update/initiative to determine effectiveness; adjust accordingly
Promotional Materials
T-Shirts; 200 @ $4.80 each, $960 total
Pens: 500 @ $0.32 each, $160 total
Booth Space
$75 is average price for booth space at events
Attending 6 fairs would only cost $450
Ads at sporting events and local events cost anywhere from $250 to $1000
Want to advertise at 9-10 events yearly
Questions, comments, concerns?
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