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How To Be a Good Presenter

No description

Young People For Inclusion

on 1 September 2016

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Transcript of How To Be a Good Presenter

How To Be a Good Presenter
Speaking is not all words!
- Verbal
Meaning the actual words you use
Example: you might read from some notes

- Vocal
How you say your words
Example: you can show you are happy by smiling

- Non-Verbal
Speaking without using your voice
Example: Picture cards or hand gestures
Some key points
Easy to Follow
- organised, has a flow

- interests you, at your level

- uses examples, uses humour

- interacts with the audience

- exciting, uses gestures
Don't Be Afraid, Be Brave!
- Introduce yourself

- Play a game to break the ice

- Do a presentation with your friends

- Be prepared - ask for help if you need to!
What makes a good presenter?
What makes a bad presenter?
Now it's your turn!
Good body language
• Stay upright, don’t slouch!
• Keep eye contact with the audience as much as you can
• Use your hands to demonstrate things
• Move around the room if you can
• Wear smart clothing
• Smile!
Vocal communication - how you sound
How quickly you speak
The tone of your voice
Volume - how loudly you speak
Pauses - the breaks in between your sentences.

Fear - what's the worst that could happen?
The most important things to remember are

Debate why your right and the other person is wrong
• Respect other people’s opinions
• Speak about issues that matter to you
• Sum up and finish with a clever sentence

Verbal - the actual words you use
Speak at your audiences level
Use words they'll understand
Use words you understand
Thank You

Any Questions ?
Quick recap, Top Tips for presenters•
Be easy to follow
• Entertaining
• Confident (Even if your nervous on the inside don’t let it show)
• Look at your audience as much as you can
• Speak at their level
• Involve your audience and ask them question
• Be prepared for question
• And Practise, Practise, Practise !
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