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andrew bethel

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of hydropower

hydropower hydro turbine advantages
-doesnt pollute the water
-clean fuel source
-doesnt pollute the air
-domestic source of energy
-water used is free disadvantages
-temperture change may harm native organism.
-may cover peoples homes, important natural sites, agricultural land, and archeological sites.
-methane, may also form and be released into the atmosphere.
-dams are expensive to build Where the energy source comes from.....
-My energy source comes from water
-Washington generates 31% of the US total hydropower
-The Grand Coulee Dam is the largest facility in the nation how the energy source works.....
It uses the flow of the water to create electricity It has been used successfully in the past
-Used to power textile and manufacturing plants
-In 2003, about 10% of the US electricity comes from hydropower. Today about 18,000Mw of pumped to storage Grand Coulee Dam niagara falls
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