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Student Twelve

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Books Written Info on the author By Nate Stuart Gibbs Belly Up
Spy School
Spy Camp
The Last Musketeer
The last Musketeer2
The Last Musketeer3 He is Married
He has 2 kids
and lives in Los Angeles,CA
born June 11 in Philadelphia,PA
Awards won:Belly Up,Pennsylvania young readers choice award,Mark Twain readers award,Bank street award,and the Cybil award.
He once worked at a zoo.
He made a movie
he likes to hike Spy Camp is about an agent named Ben Ripley who is going to a camp for spies. At spy camp he is given a death letter with the choice to work for some one different. He might put some more peoples life in jeopardy as well.I highly recommend this book because it is funny cool and really great for kids. Menu items The Last Musketeer is a book about a kid named Greg who travels to 1615 with his parents who get locked up in jail. He meets the three musketeers and try to save his parents. I really recommend this book because the author really makes you think,feel,and do what Greg does. Belly up is a book about a boy named Teddy who finds out Henry the hippo died and investigates who killed the hippo and stuff goes wrong. OOOPS! I highly recommend this book because of the way the writes you can't explain it and it is really adventurous. compare and contrast spy camp
Good vs evil nerveracking belly up last Musketeer GENRE Summary of my books Figurative Language 1.Spy Camp:61 Piece of cake
2.Spy Camp:316 the ground shook like jello
3.Spy Camp:136 Alexander went as pail as a dead fish
4.Spy Camp:186 My head is killing me
5.The Last Musketeer:219 kaboom
6.The Last Musketeer:161 bong
7.The Last Musketeer:16 eyes lit up like the crystal itself
8.Belly Up:79 they were like wings on a morpho butterfly
9.Spy School:203 I was trussed like a calf at the rodeo
10.Belly Up:198 taking the time to talk to me like I was a grown up Books book pg figurative Laguage The Last Musketeer is an action book because there is a whole lot of action. Greg travels to1615. He meets the three Musketeers and tries to save his parents. That is why it is a action book. friendship It is all kind
of good vs evil time travel perserverance Spy Camp is a realistic fiction because Stuart Gibbs wrights it in a way that makes it sound real. It is about a kid who's life is in danger. As well as his friends and all this stuff in the book could happen.That is why it is a realistic fiction. math it is about spys has alot of action animals its about a dead hippo the three musketeers are in it Belly Up is a realistic fiction because the story is about a dead hippo and a kid who investigates. every thing in this book could happen and the zoo sounds so real. That is why it is a realistic. DUH
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