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No description

Jeremy NIeto

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Ellyza

Fashion Designing textures colors designs ribbons accessories seafoam blue party purple flamingo pink majestic magenta grassy green carroty orange sunshine yellow nightime black foggy white party ribbons bangles necklaces hair clips dotted ribbons polka dots rainbow stripes swirl design Never put too many
designs on one thing. It
won't turn out very
good because all the
patterns next to each
other makes it look
sloppy. Ribbons add a nice
touch to things like
bags, dresses, hair
accessories, and even
socks! Textures are like
how it looks or
feels. rough Accessories are the
things that you can match or wear with your clothes. It completes the look. Designs help the
clothing become more
stylish and attractive.
Some designs would be
like stripes and polka
dots. Colors are what
make everything
in fashion atractive.
If you didn't have
colors, you would
end up with just black
and white which is a
bore ( not to say that
black and white aren't
good colors) To wear colors,
the ones that would
look best are the ones
that go with your skin
or match with your skin.
But you can wear any
color you like. This zebra print
fabric could be
made into... ... This!! Or...this tye dye
fabric could be
made into
something like... an awesome
tie dye shirt!! Fabrics By Ellyza Amodia smooth
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