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dav plikey

No description

aidan kurth

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of dav plikey

Child hood part 1
Though Davs seance of humor made him popular in class he still got teased like some people would call him David Puke-ey. The teachers didn't like the way he acted so they sent his to the hall often, soon he found his perfect place. Daily before school Dav would put pencils, paper, and crayond in his hall desk and at some time during the day he would do something disruptive and his teacher would send him to the hall to work. In the hall he drew pictures and soon drew comics.
Child hood part 2
One day an English professor said that his creative writing skills were great and encouraged Dav to write books, thats what inspired him to wright books
why Dav became an author
Dav drew through high school and went to Kent State University as an art major in 1984. Dav feels that one of his greatest achievements was proving his high school principle wrong about him being an artist. Dav entered Landmark Editions the National Written and Illustrated Awards contest and won, he was nineteen and flying to Missouri to meet his own editing crew. He was finally going to be an author.
High school
Dav Pilkey
by aidan kurth
adult hood and three books
Dav moved back to Kent, Ohio where he met his wife, author Cynthia Rylant and in 1990 moved to Eugene Oregon with there cats and dogs and now they live in Seattle with there dog named little dog


-Captin underpants (whole series)

-Super diaper baby

-dog breath
It all started march 4th 1966, Cleveland Dav was born. As an infant davs parents claim he would laugh in his sleep. When he was young he would draw animals, monsters, and superheros whal the other kids played outside. Dav grew up with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and that made it difficult to do good in school. Dav said that the teachers were there to teach and he was there to make his class mates laugh witch was not a good mix.
Ohio Reading Road Trip | Dav Pilkey Biography (Ohio Reading Road Trip | Dav Pilkey Biography)
Dav pilkey explains how reading gives you super powers. Dir. dav pilkey. Perf. dav pilkey. , 8. Film.
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