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Hitler's Secret

No description

Ava Tehrani

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Hitler's Secret

Hitler's Secret
By:William Osborne

The book Hitler's Secret is about, a boy named Otto and a girl named Leni.They both come from Germany but leave just before, war-torn Europe.Both Otto and Leni come to England as refugees. Now they are recruited to be spies in a top secret mission (Code name:Wolfsagles). There mission takes place in Germany, and the mission objective; rescue the one person who can defeat the Nazi's. There are obstacles every step of the way, and one obstacle may just lead to death.
Setting Description
Character description
Otto: Is the boy in the operation he is sort of the head man.

Leni: She is the girl in the mission she is strong and willing.

Macpherson: Is the man who started the mission and is the one who choose
Otto and Leni to be a part of the mission.

Heydrich Stork: Is Hitler right hand man he is know to be the most feared man in Germany.

Angelika: Is the special girl that can possible defeat the Nazi's
Point Of View
The author wrote this book in a third person point of view. You are able to feel the characters emotion. When I read it I felt as if was one of the characters going on this adventure.
Internal Conflict
An example of an internal conflict in the book is when Otto had to choose between life of death. Otto had to choose whether to follower orders and kill a little girl, or do the right thing and not kill her. He was in conflict with himself, debating whether to do it or not
Presentation done by:
Ava Tehrani

"An incredible adventure and a great page turner." -Bear Grylls
London, England: This is where Otto and Ieni live before the mission.

Perien, Germany: This is where Otto and Leni are dropped off to start their mission.

Stock, Germany: Otto and Leni capture the person that could help defeat the Nazi's.

Piz Buin, Germany: Otto has a battle between a man who works for Hitler and is trying to get the person back.

Davos. Switzerland: Otto and Leni are picked up to be taken back home to London England.
This novel is fiction
External Conflict
An example of a external conflict happening in the book is when Otto is being abused by man. Otto is forced with a choice to either tell the man where his friend are and risk them getting killed. Or not tell the man and continue getting abused.

One instance of imagery in this book would be on page 200 ch. 32
To me this is a example of imagery because, I can just see/feel the way that Otto feeling right now. Since they have walked for almost 3 hours in the hot german sun. It would be nice to relax and take a break. I can relate to this so I can visualize what it must of been like going into the cold icy water.
In this example of antagonist, Adolf Hitler has ordered his men to find the girl and take her. Then kill anyone one else that tries to interfere or anyone that is with her. So in this case Adolf Hitler is the Antagonist.
In this example of protagonist Otto and Leni are fighting Hitler's soldiers to protect the girl. Also so that no one can touch her or bring any harm to her. So now Otto and Leni are the protagonist since they are fight the bad people while trying to protect the girl.
2. Imagery
Another Example of imagery in my book is on page 63 ch.9
Once I read this passage way I could instantly visualize Otto sleep on a pigs butt. Since he was so tired after skydiving in to Germany, and being up all night.
Some more books By William Osborn
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