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Making a Manga

No description

Kate Y

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Making a Manga

Steps to making a manga Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Presenting... Chibi/Kawaii - Deformed manga Chibi is deformed manga. It is usually drawn for individual drawings instead of manga comics, They are usually drawn in a very cute way.
Kawaii art is like chibi but more shojo like. Shojo - Girl's manga Shojo is 'Girls manga'. Unlike shonen, the artwork is more sophisticated. The characters are drawn more 'pretty'. The story plots usually involve romance or real life situations. The only downside is that all of the artwork usually looks the same. Making a Manga For my 8th grade project I decided to make a manga.
I chose to do this because I have always been watching anime and reading manga. I also enjoy drawing it too. Some ways Manga is presented: Regular Book
Individual Drawing
Webcomic Ways manga is drawn: Digital - With a tablet, drawing program and a computer Shonen - Boy's manga Shonen manga is mostly for boys. The story plot usually contains more action and adventure unlike shojo. The artwork is more simple. All together During this project I have learned a lot more about manga. To understand manga better it is important to know some history, to explore the different genres and to understand how to use the materials correctly and the drawing technique. I also learned more about myself as well. I noticed how impatient I was with my drawings. I learned never to underestimate comics and that time is key. 8th Grade Project: Making a Manga What is 'manga'? Manga is a Japanese comic art form that has said to be started by 'The God of Manga', Osamu Tezuka.
There are many different categories for manga. I only focused on the most popular ones: Shonen, Shojo and Chibi. What is the difference between Manga and Anime? Manga is the artwork and the comic. Anime is the TV show. Anime-Animation. What is the difference between Manga and Comics? There are many things. The main parts are the artwork, the way you read it and the size and thickness. How about Graphic Novels? Graphic Novels are a collection of comics. Manga is a book. Get Your Idea Down! Come up with a story line that you won't mind staying with for a while. If you don't like it, it won't turn out well.

Get someone to go over your storyline before you start doing the drawings. Start Drawing! After creating and editing everything start drawing your rough draft pages. Get your ink on! After finishing rough draft pages, draw the final copy on a paper called Comic Art Board. It has blue outlines to help with measurements. most people then use pens called 'multiliner pens' to ink in. Pros and Cons of Reading Manga: Pros:
Helps with drawing
Gets ideas flowing Cons:
Can get obsessed
Costs a lot of money Hanashi Wo Suru Our story begins in the world of a boy named Ash. He never believed in the fairy tales that his mother once told him years ago before her death. Everything was the same to him. His goals: get good grades and a job. Friends were out of the question. One day he gets a letter addressed to him from his mother. He reads it assuming this is just a joke. Little did he know that after reading that letter, he would have to travel through his mother's beloved story, "The Ugly Duckling" in modern times. Characters: ASh:
Ash is a boring kind of guy. His mother died when he was young because of that, he is very bad at house keeping and staying organized. He is very smart, but very weak. People don't really hang out around him because he is very awkward and refrains from speaking at times. He'd rather listen to what other people tell him to do to keep from any kind of conflict if he tries to correct anyone. Viola beats him up claiming that she is trying to 'prepare' him for what is coming. Viola:
Viola is an angel in training. She was sent on a mission to help resolve all of the stories in the human world. That is how she met Ash. The reason why she hasn't passed her 'Training School' yet is because of her attitude. She is a very loud, hot-tempered little girl. Viola has a thing for sweets and her hair. Because of that she is slightly over-weight and can't go an hour without brushing her hair and fixing her curl. Alice:
Alice is claimed to be the 'Ugly Duckling'. She has been bullied and teased for a while now. She has no friends and is alone. Traditional - markers, pens, pencils, paints, etc. The Art of Coloring There are 2 ways of coloring with markers. Layering Blending Lightest color first
Each layer is a shade darker Middle shade first
Build off of that Community Part: For the community part of my project I decided to do an exploration.
I taught the attendees about the different kinds of manga and how to draw them. We also went over coloring and inking. The Ways of Inking Use multiliner pens
Strokes Questions? My Essential Question: What is necessary to understanding manga? A certain Scientific Railgun: http://www.uk-anime.net/manga/A_Certain_Scientific_Railgun_Vol._1.html
Full Moon Wo Sagashite: http://www.mangapanda.com/197-13238-1/full-moon-wo-sagashite/chapter-8.html My Mentor: Marki Watson My mentor for my project is Marki Watson, the lower school art teacher. We got together on Sundays to work on my characters, edit my stories and to work on drawing techniques such as foreshortening. Blue Exorcist: http://s01.mpcdn.net/manga/p/62/2821/11.jpg i am here!: http://img3.lln.crunchyroll.com/i/spire1/0fb3194ed0a1a4f3bbd703858f13c2261285235307_full.jpg
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