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Nikitha J.

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Paris

At Birth
When Paris was born, his mother Hecuba, had a dream where she saw that Paris was going to be a troublemaker so she exposed him to Mt. Ida. He could have died, but luckily he was saved by a she-bear and then raised by a shepherd
During his life
When Discord made the golden apple to give to the most beautiful goddess, he had the goddesses choose. Since they couldn't decide they asked Paris to choose, between 3 goddess Hera, Athena and Aphrodite. They all wanted to win so they promised a prize if he picked them. He chose Aphrodite because she bribed him the love of Helen, the most beautiful woman on Earth.
When Paris met Helen they fell in love but Helen was already married to the King of Troy. That was a problem. The King didn't like this so he declared war on Paris and Troy to win over Helen. Paris was from Greek and Helen was from Troy. There was a war between the Greeks and Trojans
Questions and Comments!
Thank You For Watching :)
During his life part 2
Trojan War
After He Died
After Menelaus declared war on Greek
Menelaus called some of his helpers and told them to run over Greek. So his helper left to Greek and started the war. They fought Greek. The war went on for a long time. Finally the Greeks found a way to get into Troy with out the people of Troy finding out the Greek made a big horse made of wood and put infront of the gates of troy. When the People of troy saw that it was a peace offering the were so happy because they won the war so they began to celebrate. The people never even looked inside of the horse. The people partied for a long time then finally fell asleep. Inside the house was Greeks hiding when they were sleeping the Greeks jumped out of the house and started killing people and some people woke up and right there a huge fight began.
Before Paris had died he had asked a nymph named Oenone to give him a healing. Oenone had refused to do so. Later after Paris had died Oenone committed suicide because she had thought that Paris death was her fault.
Prezi made by Nikitha, Rachel, Malika
During His Life
Before Paris had died he had asked a nymph named Oenone for healing but she had refused. After Paris had died Oenone had committed suicide because the guilt was getting o her.
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