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Thinking about Corals

No description

jim pettiward

on 7 July 2016

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Transcript of Thinking about Corals

Synchronicity Earth
Coral Campaign
Exponential rise in number of papers and amount of research coming out about corals
Rigorous research and baseline data only one element of the battle
Exploring ways to present the science and engage the general public
Conservation NGOs & Groups
Showcase work of our partners
Identify effective coral conservation efforts wherever they're happening
How do numerous examples of great local initiatives fit into global picture?
Why do corals matter?
Corals' place in the wider ocean ecosystem
Why should we care (if we don't live near them)?
What are the links to other ocean conservation initiatives e.g. plastic oceans, microbeads, good fish etc.

Why are corals & coral reefs in danger?
Climate Change (warming/acidification/coral bleaching events)
Agricultural/Industrial run off from land
Plastic Pollution
Personal Care Products
Live reef fish trade - aquariums & restaurants
Stories of effective coral conservation & restoration (from partners & any others we find).
Social Media campaign incl. ICRS 2016
What does the latest coral reef science tell us? Current approaches to coral conservation & restoration e.g coral repository. Invite short written or video pieces from scientists and NGOs at ICRS - how to move from science to policy/raise awareness/biggest threats/reasons for hope etc.

How to address the disconnection from our environment?
How does what we do affect our oceans and reefs?
Young people - resources and initiatives?
Schools & Universities (e.g. SOAS)
Dive / Snorkelling responsibly
Museums (e.g. Horniman Museum)
How is ICRS establishing dialogue with policymakers?
Testimony from various policy makers - e.g. Leaders of several pacific islands
Concrete agreements to follow on from ICRS?
Potential for replication?
Increase global knowledge and interest in coral reefs, including sustainable use and conservation strategies
Showcase successful science, conservation and management efforts
Develop collaborations and partnerships to increase international capacity to address coral reef issues
Increase global awareness of reef degradation and possible solutions by extensive promotion in the media
Art & Multimedia
Louis Masai artwork
Coral film
Bernie Krause soundscapes
Jason de Caires Taylor?

Blue Ventures
One Reef
Coral film - where and how to disseminate?
Louis' street art - best way to showcase?
Video wall - experts from around the world 1 minute videos.
Knowledge portal - links to different resources and sources of information.
Some example projects

Highlight the increasingly desperate situation facing corals and coral reefs around the world and focus media and public attention on the issue using film and street art.

Provide a focal point and impetus for building connections and communication between NGOs and other stakeholders by showcasing important conservation and restoration projects.

Help the ICRS and other interested parties to bridge the gap between science and policy by investigating and developing change strategies.

Raise regeneration funds for our project partners and encourage public to make small, achievable behaviour changes

Building a movement to reverse coral reef destruction.

Synchronicity Earth aims to:

Sand art, Coral Guardian
Campaign metaphor:
Coral spawning: Countless simultaneous small actions which together can create something much larger.
social media
examples of film, art + soc media icons

What concrete steps and solutions will come out of ICR Symposium to link science and policy?
Opportunity to show film and publicise our website at the ICRS (with the help of Craig/Mirella).
Chance to present ourselves as one part of a potential strategy to help bridge the gap between science and policy, which is a key focus of the Conference. We could also aim to provide one place for follow up and continued communication for attendees.
Next steps for attracting Regen funding for existing project partners (and potentially new ones)? With coral bleaching in the news, could be a big opportunity.

International Coral Reef Symposium: 4 aims
Audience: General Public
Audience: Scientific & NGO community
Step 1:
Building flotilla
Our expertise doesn't currently lie in large scale awareness campaigns or education initiatives, but longer term, I think this can and should be a part of our role.
The first step towards a coral strategy should be a focus on building consensus between and with our partners, other NGOs doing useful and effective work, umbrella organisations, the scientific and academic communities etc. Listening to these stakeholders and connecting them around a common purpose (initially using the ICRS as a catalyst) will add weight to any subsequent campaign and education initiatives.
Step 2:
Education and action
Through learning from these communities and stakeholders, we can start to map out the kind of actions, whether educational or social marketing, we can get involved with, promote or link to. As Mirella suggested, at this stage it's probably not worth us simply adding to the 'noise' - especially as the science for PCPs is not quite there yet (at least not in peer-reviewed form) and there are myriad campaigns telling us what not to do etc.
Initial content for coral microsite:
- The purpose of the website. What exactly are we trying to do with it and who is it aimed at?
- Showcase film and Louis' artwork as examples of engaging a wider audience
- the ICRS - what's it about? What is the focus this year?
- Stories from our partners - as examples of how to showcase important work
- Video wall - scientists, NGOs, communities from around the world describe in one minute what coral reefs mean to them
- Building a flotilla - for scientific community, aim to show how we can look at things differently

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