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alexis tredo

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of Austria

The capital of Austria is
Vienna.This is a picture of the Schonbrunn Palace which is a famous landmark.
The population of
Austria is 8,219,743.

Austria has a temperate climate with a lot of clouds, cold winters and frequent rain. There is also some snow in lowlands and in the
mountains. Austria has moderate summers with occasional showers.
By Ella,Ryan,Alexis
There are 77 cities in Austria.Three of them are Salzberg,Graz and Vienna.

Languages Spoken
Bodies of water
The size of Austria 8,870
square km.That is one- third of the area of New Hampshire.
Country Flag
People in Austria speak
German, Slovene, Croatian, and Hungarian.Guten tag means hello in German.
These are bodies of water in Austria:Danube River and Constance Lake.
Famous Landmarks
Austria was ruled by Rudolf in 1276,and he was the first ruler from the Hasbsburg family.Austria would be ruled by the Habsburg Empire for 750 years.Franz Josef ruled the Habsburg empire for 70 years in 1848.He stopped ruling when he died in 1916.
The famous landmarks of Austria are:Schonbrunn Palace,Imperial Palace, St.Stephen's Cathedral, Melk Abbey, and Donner Fountain.
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