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Paper Bag book report: Elijah of Buxton

No description

Winston Zheng

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Paper Bag book report: Elijah of Buxton

Paper Bag book report: Elijah of Buxton
By Christopher Paul Curtis
Item number one: The preachers two pistols
Reason number 1
Reason number 2
Reason number 3
Item Number two: Elijah’s throwing stones
Reason number one
Reason number two
Reason number 3: The stones saved Elijah’s life
Item number three: Jingle Boy
Reason number one
Reason number 2
Background info
Reason number three
Background info
-sneaky and secretive
The preacher/Right Reverend Deacon Doctor Zephariah Connerly the Third
-takes advantage of locals, very dishonest
-very good liar, tricks and cheats Elijah and other characters
-pistols important part of story, apparently taken from slave traders
-beginning knowledge of only 1, later on revealed that he has 2
-source fascination/mystery for Elijah as there is a rumour that the preacher killed two slave traders for the pistols
-preacher has offered the chance to shoot his pistol
-tricked Elijah, said he had no bullets so the next time ELijah declines
-Elijah runs into preacher often
Background info
-tricks him a lot, like when Elijah caught fish
-Elijah knocks out/kills horseflies that harass the horses for fish bait
-after catching 10 fish, preacher approaches him with pistol offer
-Elijah refuses, but is pressured into tithing, preacher takes 4 out of 10 fish
-offers pistols as a form of collateral to Mr Leroy
-pistol very important to preacher, people know that it is something special
-Mr Leroy's money getting stolen and gambled is a major turning point in the story, also rising action
-Elijah meets slavery, makes choices that will impact him and the slaves ( by rescuing baby of slave)
-sets Mr Leroy and ELijah on a quest in Michigan to get the money back
Background info
-Elijah goes to get mail, finds letter for Mrs Holton
-from US, which usually means bad news
-procession formed to comfort her
-husband beaten to death a year ago, she commissions plaque
-made by Leroy, wording by Elijah
-gives Elijah 5 cents, Leroy 2200$ in gold to buy family
-second pistol used to shoot Mr Highgate
-woke up, discovered him sneaking away with money
-threatens him with shotgun, but it is unloaded
-gets shot by preacher who runs off with money
Background info
-Elijah tells Leroy preacher can be trusted
-Elijah's dad gets Theodore as he is wary of the preacher, and is aware of him being sneaky and untrustworthy
-source of fascination and mystery for Elijah
-get Mr Leroy to trust his money with the preacher
-used to shoot Theodore
-the way Elijah fishes for food for himself and the settlement
-how he managed to almost be sold to traveling Carnival of Oddities
-saved his life
-way for him to catch fish for himself and settlement
-provides Elijah with a way to trade something for Mrs Brown's pies
Background info
-Elijah likes going to lake to fish
-first throws dead flies for small fish, the injured ones for big fish
-throws at flashes of light/movements of fish, gets 10
-then approached by preacher, tells him about tithing takes 4 not 1
-reason why Elijah almost sold to a carnival
-preacher interested in Elijah throwing skills, took him to carnival
-watch many performances, e.g slingshots, hupnosis
-meet owner, Charles Vaughn
-preacher introduces him and Elijah, gets Elijah to give a demonstration,first by himself and then vs slingshot lady
-beats her both times
-charles asks how much Elijah will cost
-they leave
Background info
-in the stable, Elijah approached by preacher who him a ad for the carnival
- says he has way to use Elijah's talent for money for the settlement
-see Madame Sabbar, slingshot lady who knocks targets and also a slave boy
-atlas clearing, entertainers, stands
-see mermerist Charles,
-when Elijah enters East Lee stable to find preacher attacked by bear fighting dog owned by one of the slavers
-quickly throws left-right-left and knocks the dog out
-Elijah injured badly, if dog wasn't knocked out Elijah would probably be dead
-they arrive in logging village in Michigan
Background info
-seek out Benjamin ALston, man who helped Theodore
-preacher last spotted East Lee stable, on the way Mr Leroy has a heart attack and dies
-pretends to head back to Buxton, going back to stable to fullfill promise to Mr Leroy
-ambushed by dog there
-reason Elijah almost sold to carnival
-saved his life
-one of the horses owned by Mr Segee
-Elijah does his chores there after school
-fastest horse in Buxton
-brings main characters to many important events
-helped ELijah get Mrs Holton's letter in Chatham
-getting mail one of ELijah's favorite chores
-takes Old Flapjack, later Jingle boy
-letter rising action, as it let's Mrs Holton give the money to Mr Leroy which is later stolen (climax)
-told by dad to get mail
-sign office closed till 5th
-meets Mr MacMahon, who opens office for LEijah
-sees letter from US, recognizes as trouble
-transports Elijah and Mr Leroy to Michigan
-after telling Mr Leroy bad news, he snaps
-later while spying on meeting trying to help Leroy, Elijah kidnapped by Leroy
-they head out for Michigan
-key events happen in Michigan, Mr Leroy's death and ELijah's discovery inside the stable
-arrive in Michigan, seek info on Benjamin
-preacher spotted at stable,. on the way Mr Leroy dies
-Elijah continues on to find answers and fulfill promise
-brings Elijah back to Buxton
-after seeing slaves in stable, and supplying pistol+water
-takes the baby of one of the slaves to Buxton to start a new life
-hears humming sound in stable
-discovers 5 slaves, talks to woman Chloe
-gives them water
-preacher beaten and killed, money is gone
-promises to get help, ponders killing slavers
-Chloe try's to convince him to take baby
-men refuse to help, Elijah riding home to Buxton, but realizes what Chloe was saying, goes back and takes baby back to Buxton
Item number three: The Buxton Liberty Bell
-500 pound bell from Pittsburgh, came to Canada
-given as gift from american freed slaves
-sacrificed some things too that they could give the bell
-"Presented to reverend king by the coloured inhabitants of Pittsburgh for the academy at Raleigh Canada west.”
-rung twenty times for each freed slave, 10 for old life 10 for new
-rub bell with left hand, closest to their heart
-residents hear ringing, go to schoolhouse to welcome new arrivals
-if they decide to live in the settlement, residents decide where they will stay until they get their own place and get used to and comfortable around them
Why it is important to the story
-story based around time period when slavery was common
-brings community of Buxton together to welcome new arrivals into their home
-reminds people of Buxton that they have prayers and support from America
-also reminds them of their brethren still in slavery
-significant to newly freed slaves, gets rid of horrible memories, and are ready to make new great ones
Opening Situation: Elijah is a normal freeborn child living in the settlement of Buxton, where goes to school, fishes, pranks, socializes, and gets tricked and taken advantage of by the preacher.
Inciting force: Mrs Holton learns her husband has died via letter, commissions a plaque which Mr Leroy makes and Elijah helps with the wording. She gives Mr Leroy 2200$, enough to free his family from slavery.
Rising action: He gives the money to the preacher and Mr Highgate. Mr Highgate returns shot by the preacher who stole the money. So Mr Leroy kidnaps Elijah to go get the preacher.
Climax: Mr Leroy and Elijah journey to a logging village in Michigan to get the money back or kill the preacher for what he did. On the way to the stable where the preacher supposedly is, Mr Leroy dies from a heart attack, Elijah continues on to fulfill his promise to Mr Leroy.
Falling action: In the stable, Elijah finds the preacher dead, killed by the slavers residing there. He also finds six slaves, who he gives water to. He also tries to get help but is unsuccessful.
Resolution: Elijah takes Chloes ( a slave) baby to take her to Buxton and so that the baby can live a free life and be well taken care of. He and the baby, who is named Hope or Too-ma-ee-nee then go home to Buxton.
-represents hopes and dreams of slaves, both freed and enslaved.
-brings community together to welcome new arrivals, make them feel comfortable by socializing with people they can relate to
-ringing out old life as slave and ringing in new free one
-important role in settlement of Buxton , both fictional and real
-Buxton Liberty Bell exists in real life
-Elijah's only passion a place where there is not much fun to be had
-provide for him a way to relax and enjoy himself
Background info
-Elijah working on Mrs Holton's land uprooting stumps with dad and Cooter
-spots human movement in the tree line
-sees black man and a boy, recognizes them as escaped slaves
-tells dad who tells Cooter to get Emma Collins
-she walks slow towards the slaves, pretends to be playing outside while getting closer and closer

-introduces herself as Emma Collins, and that they are free
-there is also another boy, a woman, a girl, and a baby
-one of the events where Elijah starts to lose trust in the preacher
-another event that makes Elijah lose trust in the preacher again
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