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Sacred Animals of the Olympians

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Malena Hughes

on 12 October 2014

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Transcript of Sacred Animals of the Olympians

Sacred Animals of the Olympians
The eagle is the sacred animal of Zeus.
The peacock is Hera's sacred animal.
Poseidon has two sacred animals.
Dolphins are sacred to Poseidon.
Horses are also sacred to Poseidon.
The owl is sacred to Athena.
Ares has two sacred animals, the vulture and the serpent.
apollo has many sacred animals. they included, the swan, the wolf, the raven, the cicada, and the dolphin.
artemis has three sacred animals: the deer, the boar, and the snake.
demeter's sacred animals are the pig, the dove, and the snake.
aphrodite's sacred animals are the dove, the sparrow, the swan, and the hare.
hephaestus has two sacred animals, the donkey and the crane.
hermes has three sacred animals, the tortoise, the hawk, and the ram.
dionysus has two sacred animals, the leopard, and the goat.
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