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Sarah Q. Browning


Sarah Browning

on 9 May 2009

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Transcript of Sarah Q. Browning

Sarah Q. Browning Houston Austin Los Angeles San Francisco Bay Area The Academy of Science and Technology Xplor Energy TerraPoint Stress Engineering #1 in my class of 400 built The World's Largest Electric Guitar high school internship wrote C++ program to calculate volume in drilling pipes an oil and gas exploration company a geospatial mapping company initiated and wrote a grant proposal to The National Science Foundation to study neural networks for the purpose of analyzing LiDAR data year-long high school internship click on labled locations to see what I've done in each place liked being able to create my own project liked analyzing geothermal maps with the geologists liked writing code a public magnet school favorite classes were physics and english a consulting engineering firm working primarily in the oil and gas industry Initiated and wrote a program in C++ to calculate mechanical stresses on offshore drilling rigs. The program is still used by the company. learned how to code in Unix assisted in mechnical stress tests of drilling machinery college internship MBA student at The McCombs School of Business within The University of Texas one of four Forte Fellows like locally grown food and wine Want to be inolved in:
Venture Fellows
MOOT CORP Post-MBA goals:
VP-level position at an early-stage technology company in Austin
Start my own venture out of work done at UT Stanford Morgan Stanley Zoom Systems B.S. Mechanical Engineering Founded and led the FIRST Robotics team at Menlo-Atherton High School Founding member of Engineers Without Frontiers & spoke at first national conference in Ithaca, NY danced with The Cardinal Ballet 2000-2004 2006-2009 Started with 67 other Financial Advisors. Was #3 out of 20 remaining Advisors when I left in 2009. Gathered $5M of assets in my first year. Worked in a team with 2 senior advisors for 2007-2009. Awarded "Best of the Best Retirement Plan Advisors" by Plan Sponsor Magazine, 2008 ...was home for the very beginning of my career. highschool...
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