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Shannon Coulter

on 5 August 2017

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Transcript of LEAD

a Roadmap to
high school graduates will not enroll in postsecondary education right away
higher education
"High School"
13,081 Enroll in 4 Year PSE
"Non Completer"
7,664 do not complete high
High School Graduate Unemployment Rate
High School Dropout
Unemployment rate
school on time every year in San Diego
Number of students graduating
5,363 non-completers at 4 year PSEs
average income of a high school graduate
Number of high school graduates who will go on to complete a bachelor's degree 6 years after starting college
26% Completion
difference in lifetime earnings between a high school dropout and a high school graduate
Bureau of Labor Statistics
"Big Picture"
31,665 graduate high school in 4 or 5 years
7,664 do not
San Diego 7th Grade Students
average annual income
8,721 Enroll in 2 Year PSE
in 4 years:
in 5 years:
in 6 years:
Number of students graduating
in 3 years:
6,017 non-completers at 2 year PSEs
societal expense of a high school dropout (i.e., healthcare, incarceration, social programs, and others).
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Northwestern University
$3.9 Billion
why collective action
Bureau of Labor Statistics
College Graduate Unemployment Rate
average income of a college graduate (4 year)
2 Year Graduate Unemployment Rate
average income of a college graduate (2 year)
Bureau of Labor Statistics
is necessary for large scale change
1 in 5
number of students obtaining a bachelor's degree from open access colleges.
percentage of students obtaining a bachelor's degree from "high selective" universities.
Collective Opportunities
1. High school dropouts cost billions of dollars each year. Schools need support ensuring students meet important milestones including early childhood literacy, reading at grade level, student attendance and engagement interventions, authentic career opportunities, and others.
2. Schools need help to build transitional programs for high school graduates as they exit high school.Twenty-five percent of high school graduates delay entry into post secondary education or other opportunities. Only about 10% of students locally graduate from PSE when they delay entry more than 16 months.
3. Schools need help preparing a wider range of students for postsecondary education. Nearly half of all students who enter PSE obtain a bachelor's degree and most of these students obtain a degree from highly selective institutions.
Northwestern University
$588 Million
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