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The Impact of Scots Abroad

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Mr Farrell

on 18 October 2018

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Transcript of The Impact of Scots Abroad

The Impact of Scots Abroad
Although further away from Canada, Australia was also a popular destination for Scottish emigrants. It offered wonderful opportunities for the enterprising Scots.
Australia began as a prisoner colony. Although some Scots were sent there for 'transportation' as prisoners, many went to be the ruling classes. Often middle class families from Dundee, Edinburgh and Aberdeen would make the long journey to continue the trading success within the empire.
However, other groups of people from poorer backgrounds went to make a new life as builders, labourers, carpenters and joiners. All these jobs were in high demand in Australia and by 1850, 25% of the population was from Scotland. Even by 1933, Scots made up 14.7% of the Australian population.
Using the information in your yellow booklets make notes on the impact of Scots in Australia. Use the following headings:
Native Peoples
Tartan heritage in Australia
G'Day Class
You could fit almost
Scotlands into Australia.
The total population of Australia is approximately
men, women and children.
You could fit the
population of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Inverness into Sydney more than three times over.
What is the capital of Australia?
What is Australia’s deadliest creature?

Do you know any Australian slang?
What is the population of Australia?
How many Scotland could you fit into Australia?
It’s not sharks. It’s not crocodiles. It’s not the deadly funnel-web spider.

Australia’s deadliest creature is the

. It is so dangerous that it has killed more people than crocodiles and sharks combined.
Scots Impact on Politics
Andrew Fisher
Andrew Fisher
James Munro
Catherine Spence
Scots on arrival set up associations and some still exsist today. Social events such as Highland Games and Dances provided many Scottish emigrants with a chance to continue their Scottish traditions. In Australia many Scots carry a reputation for having a good time and are looked on fondly by many.
All the competing Emigration Agencies formerly reported on, are still at work as actively as ever. The New Zealand and Australian authorities are particularly alert, the streets of every town and village being always well ornamented with their bills and posters offering free passages and other inducements to emigrants. Not only so, but nearly all newspapers being subsidised by means of their advertisements, are doing their full share in the same direction. It has to be noted that a considerable number of potential recruits have been diverted from Canada to New Zealand as a result of the latter’s offer of free passages. It is extremely difficult for us to attract emigrants when these territories are offering free passages while we expect the emigrants to pay their own fares to Canada.
Source A: is a speech from Angus Nicholson, Canada’s Special Immigration Agent in the Highlands of Scotland, 1875.
Evaluate the usefulness of Source A as evidence of the reasons for Scottish migration and emigration?
In reaching a conclusion you should refer to:
• the origin and possible purpose of the source;
• the content of the source;
• recalled knowledge.
Source Work
Australia Questions
Emigration to New Zealand became very common during our time period. Tom Devine states that the transport revolution meant far away places were no longer places of exile but places of opporunity.
North Island
South Island
Economy & Enterprise
Education, Culture & Religion
Native Societies
Scottish impact on economy and enterprise in New Zealand was great. Agriculture, engineering and shipbuilding industries were heavily influenced by Scots. Scottish doctors gained free passage on ships if they agreed to be the ships doctor. In most cases they never left once they arrived. Lowland Scots were particuarly important to New Zealand's economic development growing up in or close to big cities full of investment and promise.
Using page 70 in the textbooks and yellow booklets, take notes on some successful Scots in New Zealand.
Education was an important area influenced by the Scots. The system used in Scotland provided the basis of education in New Zealand that was introduced in 1877.
New Zealand's first university was opened in 1869 in Otago, and the Scottish university with its broad curriculum provided the basis for it.
Scottish immigrants had a massive impact on religion. The development of Presbyterianism - "The Free Church of Scotland" persuaded many people to travel to the South Island to become part of the Presbyterian community.
What sort of problems exsisted between the two?
Who were the Maori?
What was the Treaty of Waitangi and when was it signed?
Using pages 72-73, answer the following questions in detail.
New Zealand has won the most Olympic gold medals, per capita, amongst all the participant countries.

The official languages of New Zealand are English and Te Reo Maori.

To become a New Zealand citizen, you must take an oath of loyalty to Queen Elizabeth.

94% of those in jail in NZ are males.
• 50% are Maori.
• 36% are European.
• 12% are Pacific People
Interesting Facts
New Zealand was the first major nation to have universal suffrage. In 1893 it became legal for all male and female citizens of New Zealand to vote
Scots, like other immigrants had a big impact of the Maori people of New Zealand. The Maori and the Scots had a positive start to their relationship with many Scots being helped by the Maori's to survive the harsh winters of 1848 and 1849.
However, some Scottish immigrants were also involved in taking land from the Maori. Many Scots wanted to farm and settle on Maori land and often cleared them from their homes by force. This had a massive effect on the traditional Maori life and conflict between the two came to a head in 1872.

India has a population of 1.324 billion billion people ( 2016 census)
Cows can be found freely wandering the streets of India’s cities. They are considered sacred and will often wear a tilak, a Hindu symbol of good fortune. Cows are considered one of humankind’s seven mothers because they offer milk as does one’s natural mothe
The famous board game, called Chess, was invented in India.
India was the only source of diamonds in the world up to 1896.
As in Canada many people from Scotland entered politics in Australia. In New South Wales many leaders were Scottish. This was during the creation of the colony when it was often high ranking army officers who took control of areas.
Often Scots arrived with the expressed aim of either farming or mining the land with no thought to the impact they would have on the people already living there. The Aborigines suffered at the hands of many Scots who carried new diseases and new problems for the natives.
How Scottish are You?
Collect a picture of the kilted William Wallace. Firstly, you must stick this into your jotter. Then around this Scottish hero you must add as much information as you can that makes you feel SCOTTISH!!

Firstly, stick in the blank map of Australia. Around the outside as much information as you can about 1830-1930 emigration eg number of Scots moving, what they did, were they successful?

Secondly, in the inside of the map, find out as many of the following;

• Capital city
• Population
• Scottish named cities
• Main industries
• Exports
• Imports
• Famous people
• Five other interesting facts

Alexander MacRae The company was started by a young Scot called Alexander MacRae, who migrated to Australia in 1910, and set up an underwear manufacture business called MacRae Hosiery manufacturers.

In response to the growing beach culture in Australia, MacRae quickly expanded his operations to include swimwear and changed the company name to MacRae Knitting Mills.
The Scots in India
1928 Speedo
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