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Using Songs in the Primary English Classes

This presentation is done for TEFL teachers.

Caroline Liu

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Using Songs in the Primary English Classes

Rationale A. Linguistic Domain B. Affective Domain C. Cultural Domain D. Social Domain Three Stages of
Teaching Procedure 1. Pre-listeing
2. Listening
3. Post-listening I Love My Family
This is my mother.
This is my father.
This is my sister.
This is my brother.
This is my family.
This is my family.
Oh, I love my family. Example 1:
1. Pre-Listening
listen for key words單字教學
2. Listening Activities:
Individual 自願 Post-Listening-
Dance and sing Along 分組角 Example 2: EIEIO
1. Pre-listening:
Key words?
What animal words did you hear?
2. Listening:
Role Playing (ex:New Wow 4 U5)
3. Post-Listening Using Songs in the
Primary English Classes Presented by Caroline Liu E. Cognitive Domain Types of Songs
1. Action Songs
2. Thematic Songs
3. Holiday Songs
4. Alphabet Songs
5. Pop Songs
6. Grammar Songs
7. Chants/ Rhymes Depend on the age and students' language level Teaching Examples:
1. The Heart Never Lies
2. Just the Way You Are
3. Never Say Never
4. This Little Light of Mine
5. Firework My Pop Song Teaching Activities 1. Prediction
2. Guessing
3. Fill-in-the-blanks
4. Unscramble the words
5. Put the sentence in order
6. Choose the right answer
7. Fix the mistakes
8. Add extra words
9. Brainstorm the key words
10. Split sentences
11. Bingo
12. Guess the missing words Assessments 1. Students sing Along
2. Poster Making
3. Amend the song
4. Draw a song
5. Mini Book Making
6. Drama ONLINE Resources 1.Youtube Channels
2. OXford-Surprise
3.Karaoke Party
4. Lyrics training
7. Busyteachers.org my teaching blog: http://caroline-efl.blogspot.com Thank you. 1. Youtube Downloader
2. Clipnabber.com
3. keepvid.com
4. Format Factory
5. Audacity Video/Music Converter&Editor http://www.eltcommunity.com/elt/docs/DOC-1044
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