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Gul Can

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of SCM on KFC

Information about KFC
The Fast Moving Consumer Goods Supply Chain Requirements
The Logistics of the Supply of KFC
The Evaluation Mode of Supply Logistics KFC
Supply of Products and Services
Competitive Conditions in the Industry
Conclusion Supply Chain Management
on KFC
Mustafa YILDIZ
Gül CAN CONTENTS Kentucky Fried Chicken - Company Introduction Conclusion KFC focuses on:
Share Information
Ensure the market position
Enhance product promotion
Improve the living standards
Ensure a high level of cooperation
Capture opportunities, and rapid response capability
Establish a customer demand-driven pull supply chain
Ensure the procurement of raw materials and inventory control

Kentucky Fried Chicken - KFC The Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Supply Chain Requirements FMCG or CPG(Consumer Package Goods) refers to the rapid consumption of consumers
CPG market is a typical mass consumer market, the market capacity.
With the improvement of living standards, consumer demand preferences change faster, the product tends to fierce competition, this time, the enterprise should have a supply chain thinking. CPG supply chain must have a keen ability to capture market opportunities, rapid response capability and a shorter structure. To this end, establish a customer demand-driven pull supply chain, enhance product promotion, and ensuring the procurement of raw materials and inventory control, to make fast food chain to build a more efficient supply chain, to ensure and consolidate the business in the market position to provide strong support for the extended enterprise. The Logistics of Supply of KFC Supplier Management
- Star System

The Supply of Logistics Model Based on DRP
KFC supply process is: The restaurant will be reported to branch distribution center order demand, the latter after an order to the supplier, the supplier delivery to the distribution center, distribution center under the line delivery. The Evaluation Mode of Supply Logistics KFC Competitive Conditions in the Industry Structure of the Industry
KFC remained the largest chicken restaurant chain and third largest fast-food chain. It held over 50 percent of U.S. market in terms in sales and ended 1995 with over 9,000 restaurants worldwide. In 1995 KFC opened 234 new restaurants and operated in 68 countries. One of the first fast-food chains to go international during the late 1960s, KFC had developed one of the world’s most recognizable brands.
Goverment Support and Regulation
The food industry does not get much support from government. However there are laws regarding its operation on food sanitation and hygiene. One Two Three Four Five This mode of operation of the logistics supply thought to follow DRP, DRP system includes three input files and output plans, namely: The Main Requirements Planing Manager of the store orders the use of
term-type orders filled, raw materials
into frozen goods, dry goods, wet goods
(short shelf life of bread, vegetables, etc.),
the number of weekly orders are
1,1,2 – 4, ordering
volume = demand – inventory. Inventory File Every day before work, the staff of
the provisions of the inventory of
raw materials inventory and registration.
This data is the order quantity is essential calculations, this data can also
be used for costing the same day. Supply Recourse File It is affected by supply-side arrival time. This time depends on the time of transmission and processing orders, supplier response time of the order, the efficiency of distribution centers. Procurement Plan Distribution Center branch of the restaurant received orders for processing, such as the number of orders found abnormal fluctuations in a restaurant, the communication and confirm, the restaurant orders must be received 15 points in the end of the afternoon, after ordering the distribution center personnel view existing inventory and shipment data are not revised order, the next day by email or fax sent to the supplier, which according to the quantity and date for production and transportation to distribution centers. Distribution Planing According to the distribution centers indicated by the restaurant’s order number and the required raw material arrival time in the system, picking orders and shipments to generate summary tables, pickers, picking, packing, shipping transportation officer under the distribution plan summary arrangements, including: capacity approval, vehicle selection, delivery routes, transfer. The assessment team through the delivery vehicle loading efficiency, punctuality rate of fuel consumption and goods, safe rate were carried out. First, strong support for the normal operation of the enterprise and rapid expansion.
Second is based on the various restaurants on the basis of accurate demand planning procurement strategy makes the company’s inventory costs are greatly reduced.
Third, distribution center in the entire logistics system in a central location, status and role of information systems to be truly reflected.
Fourth, demand forecasting, distribution planning and other aspects of quantitative and standardized management reflects the high level of enterprise management. Quality Technical Financial communication reliability Star System Thanks
for your
attention 1930 1964 1952 Harland Sanders opens his firts Restaurant Begin actively franchising his business More than 600 franchised outlets in USA, Canada and England 1979 Had aproximately 6,000 KFC restaurants worldwide
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