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Studio for the Arts

A studio for those who like to act and do different styles of art to show their talents

chantelle omalley

on 9 June 2010

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Transcript of Studio for the Arts

Studio for the Arts Brandi Burton Chantelle O'Malley inside the building Art Supplies canvas Water colour
brushes Acrylic paint water colour
paint drawing pencils Monday - Friday open at 8am and close at 9pm Art class and theatre starts when we open and ends at 10 am Supply store open all day
At 11 we have a 5 hour class till 4pm 4pm - 7 pm one art studio is open 4pm - 6 pm we have a theatre and art class 6pm - 9pm we have a play rehearsal
for annual play stools for painting
stage for theatre chairs for theatre Cost the building: renting for $2000.00 a month stage, chairs, lights: $10,000.00 easels, paint, paint brushes, pencils, stools: $20,000.00 to start
desks, filing cabinets, canvases, cash register $18,000.00 Saturday and Sunday open at 7am and close at 8 pm
art and theatre class 7am - 9 am 12pm to 5 pm we have more classes 5 pm - 8 pm play rehearsal for the inventory after that will approximatly be $2,800 for the first week for paint, brushes, and canvas rolls Theatre Room 2 Art Studios outside off of Store Half Kitchen Half Change Room Supply Store open all day Chantelle will be running the art classes.
She has taken art class though school starting
in grade 6. She has also taken Drama classes
since she was 10 years old and she will be
helping run the play rehearsals and will be
directing the annual play. Brandi will be running the drama classes.
She has been taking drama classes in school
since grade 7. Brandi will also be in charge
of running the store and training new
employees to work in the store.
Where are we? We are located on Highway 6
between Fergus and Guelph. What do we do? Studio for the Arts is the home of
a new studio filled with 2 art studios,
a theatre where we will be holding classes
in and in the theatre we will be holding a
yearly production of the choice of the
staff. We also have the opportunity for
new actors and actresses to get an agent
to help them fulfill their dreams of doing
professional work. Lastly we have a store
where you can come in and buy high quality
art supplies. This is where we will be building
the stage and seats for the theatre. In the room that this backyard
is off of is where we will be
selling the art supplies and in
the summer we will be bringing
the art supplies outside for more
room and options. We will be turning the kitchen
into half of a kitchen and the
other half will be a dressing
room for the actors on stage
during a preformance These 2 rooms are going to be
art studios. They are going to
have cupbords to store artwork
and keep it safe. When are we open? Money From the Bank After the meeting with the Bank of King,
Studio for the Arts recieved $100,000.00.
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