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No description

Amy Middleton

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of Phones

Refrences Innocenzo Manzetti first gives the idea of a “speaking telegraph” / telephone 1876 2012 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c GOOD IMPACTS IMPACTS Who Invented it Contents .Who invented it?
.How does it work?
.How did it develop
.Good and bad impacts
.My perspective
.References There is something called a base station.The area which you live(area not country/city etc) is divided up and in each of these callsdivided area's has a base station. What happens is when you dial the number it might say connecting before it starts ringing. There is something in the air that takes alerts your nearest base station that you are calling. The base station (even if you are calling from China to the USA) In 2 to 3 seconds the air finds the nearest base station to the person who you are calling and soon the person you are calling phone starts to ring. How does it work? HOW IT WAS DEVOLOPED BAD IMPACTS .It can spoil your eyesight

You could get addicted to the modern ones

.Poeple dont feel the need to socialise because of Skype and other such apps on phones. This leads to poor social skills.

Talking on phones for long duration has many health risks such as loss of hearing and heart problems. I feel that Alexander Graham Bell did a great thing and I know that lazing around tweeting and playing games is not fun, But we are mainly talking about the history here and that basically means the telephone not I Phones and Samsungs etc. Anyway I feel this cause I know that there are only a few people who used to or are still in the world that can get ideas and take action. So the telephone ( I feel ) inspired the inentors of computers, TV 's etc. If Bell woulden't have made we still MIGHT have been those people not knowing how much they could do, how much there was to learn. And for some of those people who are addicted to phones . . . bad news you would probably be using the old land lines and when you want to play Angry Birds or Temple Run, Doodle Jump or another favourite game of yours you would have to go down and play a game with your friends if this was not invented. And even if you are not one of those types there must be one day where you go:" Thats it, I am taking a break and you go and play on your I phone or I Pad. so Alexander Graham also gets some credit for the inventions of TV'S, computers, camara's, I Pad etc. Phones Invented by: Alexander Graham Bell

DOB: March 3rd 1847

Died :August 2, 1922 (aged 75)

Cause of death :Complications from diabetes

Wife: Mabel Hubburd

Children:2 sons who died from infancy and 2 daughter

Parents :Alexander Melville Bell (father), Eliza Grace Symonds Bell (mother) Refer to: .You can call who ever, when ever, where ever

.It was invented then and not now

.Modern phones have alot of games. You can also take videos, pictures, record and listen to songs, includes YouTube and alot more apps

.It is usful when you are lost or in a new place.

.You can now put a phone inside your pocket

.Comes in diffrent styles

.It has devoloped end even though in my perspective it is 100/100% companies are still trying to improve

.You can even decorate your phone now with free downloaded Wall paper, while family picteres is a option too. You can also decorate your phone with cool and also stylish phone stickers THANKS for watching! 2007- Our I Phones, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia's and all of our genaration phones are invented 1844 Alexander Graham Bell makes the first long distance call, approx 6 miles between Brantford and Paris, Ontario, Canada which was a big thing at the time 1864 Innocenzo Manzetti invents the 'Speaking telegraph'. Though shows no interest in patenting his device, it is still reported in newspapers. 1875 Alexander Graham Bell passed on the sound of a plucked steel reed using electronic magnet instruments. 1876 Thomas Edison files the first patent application for telegraphing and US patent 182,996 was granted . 1876 Thomas Edison tries out his first carbon microphone Elisha Gray invents a liquid transmitter to use for a telephone, but does not build a telephone. 1876 1876 Alexander Graham Bell makes the world's first long distance telephone call, about 6 miles between Brantford and Paris, Ontario, Canada http://www.life123.com/technology/home-electronics/iphone/when-was-the-iphone-invented.shtml http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_the_telephone http://www.life123.com/technology/home-electronics/iphone/when-was-the-iphone-invented.shtml http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xv9dRENgDoc http://www.howstuffworks.com/cell-phone.htm Refer to:
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