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12 mark questions

No description

Vicky Maile

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of 12 mark questions

How do I improve? 12 mark questions How is it marked? AO1 = 6 marks
AO2 = 6 marks

You need to describe X, and then provide strengths and weaknesses of X to get the full 12 marks AO1 Describe, outline = show your knowledge of

For 6 marks you should...

- use correct concepts and terms
- accurately describe relevant research/concept, in detail
- make sure your explanation links back to the question
- make sure your answer is structured

Common errors Students often...

- fail to read the question fully, and so only complete half of it (i.e. only describe)
- spend too long describing things that are not necessary to the question (i.e. procedures)
- do not fully evaluate (too basic/brief)
- do not focus on why research is evaluative
AO2 Evaluate = give strengths and weaknesses

For 6 marks you should...

- make sure your arguments are focused and explained fully
- use research to effectively back up your evaluations
- structure your arguments
- make sure your answer flows
use appropriate key terms
- check it is grammatically correct, with good spelling and punctuation (plan/proof read)
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