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Arts and Crafts of Mindanao

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Ma. charity Navarro

on 17 February 2016

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Transcript of Arts and Crafts of Mindanao

a. Understand that art plays a significant role in the daily activities of the community
b. Differentiate art motifs and designs of Mindanao
c. Familiarize with the different places in Mindanao

Butuan Golden Crafts
1.Gold Sash
Golden Accessories
Male ears had one or two holes for earrings
Largest earrings, worn on
the lowest hole
Located in the northeaster part of Mindanao and home to several ethnic groups.

-It is in Butuan that the first Catholic mass in the Philippines was celebrated by the Spaniards 1521.
-Butuan was already a thriving
center of trade and commerce
during 11th century.
Arts and crafts
of Mindanao

Made by weaving thin threads of gold and worn by a powerful chieftain.
2. Golden Dagger Handle
Symbolizes power
Smaller earrings, with
finer floral designs
Earring used in the upper holes
Earring worn on only one ear
Female ears had three to four holes for earrings
The sanctuary was home to the 20.24 feet (6.17 meter) saltwater crocodile Lolong, the world's largest captive crocodile.
Agusan river plays an important role in the rich culture and history of
Agusan Golden tara
Agusan Golden Tara was found in the Agusan River is made of gold and is now one of the important collections of Chicago field Museum.
Great weavers and artisans. They make beads and necklaces, baskets, and other items that they use in their daily lives
One of the largest groups in the country
Ginto ni Baclagon
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