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WW2 Guns


Frank Barrett

on 1 June 2010

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Transcript of WW2 Guns

The light machine gun was
mainly fed with a magazine. It had alower
Rate of fire than the heavy machine gun. It used either recoil or gas operation. The heavy machine gun had
a high rate of fire. It was fed mainly
with a belt of ammunition. It could sustain heavier and more accurate fire on an
enemy position. Automatics The semi-Automatic pistol was a light
and effective weapon. It was a nice
close quarter weapon. It's verey easy
to reload, shoot and carey. Semi-Automatics The semi-automatic rifle was
used so a soldier wouldn't have to take
his eye off the target to keep reloading. It was used
so you could put out more rounds per minute. It was used so
the soldier wouldn't have to constantly be reloading the rifle. Sniper Rifle The semi-automatic rifle was used for
closer range sniping. It was used to take out more
than one man before reloading. It was used so the soldier could
stay on target. The bolt action rifle was used for
more stealthy sniping. It was used for longer ranged sniping.
It was mainly used for picking off spread out soldiers.
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