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Fake ID

No description

Brooklyn Gonzales

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Fake ID

Nick Peterson-main character
Eil- youth journalist who is later killed
Reya- Eli’s sister/Zach’s girlfriend
Zach Lynch-school bully
Dustin-mayor’s son
side characters: mom, dad, mayor, sheriff Hill

The theme “never judge a book by it’s cover” is a good theme. This story isn’t about books, but it explains that you shouldn't like someone because they seem nice. For example, Nick thought that Dustin was a good guy, but later at the end he turnes out to be a horrible villain.
The setting is in Present day at a school called Stepton High in Stepton, Virginia. mainly for kids with parents in the army.

Fake ID
Book by: Lamar Giles
Report by: Brooklyn Gonzales


Nick Peterson moves into this town caled Stepton. When he gets to school, he meets this boy named Eli, who is the head of the school newspaper. As they become friends, Nicks dad is acting very suspicious by sneaking out at night. So, nick goes to investigate, All he can find is this paper about this mission called “Whispertown.” When he tells his friend, he promises to tell him about it after the football game. When Nick goes to the spot where the meet, he finds Eli dead. So, Nick helps Reya solve his murder. They find out what Whispertown really is and find Eli’s killer to. Turns out Dustin was the one who killed Eli because of Whispertown. At the end, you find out that Whispertown was just the code name for the Witness Protection Program
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