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Welcome to First Grade

No description

Melissa Hirshberg

on 20 September 2017

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Transcript of Welcome to First Grade

Welcome to First Grade
We are all on this journey together

A Day in the Life of a First Grader
9:00-9:20- Arrival, lunch choice, soft start
9:20-9:35- Morning meeting (schedule, greetings, social
emotional skills)
9:40-10:40- Writing Workshop
10:40-10:50 Recess
10:55-12:00- Reading Workshop
12:05-12:35- Music (M, W) Library (Th)
12:40-1:15 Lunch and Recess
1:15-1:45- P.E. (T, F)
Afternoon- Handwriting and Read Aloud
- Science/Social Studies/Health
1:45-2:20- Math Fluency, talk, application problem
2:20-2:35- Recess
2:35-3:25- Math Workshop
3:35 Dismissal

Thursday- Library Friday- Computer Lab
I believe that it is important to set time aside for students to learn many life skills that are as important as academics.
Social Emotional Learning:
- whole body listening
- following directions the first time
- responsibility
- working independently and cooperatively
- staying on task and focused
- completing work
- collaboration/teamwork
- build on others' talk in conversation

1st Grade Curriculum
Workshop/Inquiry Model
Whole group focus lesson
Collaborative and Independent Practice
Group Share
Before you Leave
Remember to register on the PTSA website when you get home
Check your email for Volunteer Sign-up, and a literacy questionnaire tomorrow
December conference sign-ups will come out mid-October through Family Access

About Me
Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona
University of Arizona Wildcat
Masters in Literacy and Curriculum
National Board Certification in Literacy
This is my 10th year teaching, 7th year at Newcastle
My husband and I have a 16 month old
We are a Community
- Sticker Book
- PAWsitively
Awesome Cards
- Friday Reward
We make choices that don't cause a problem for anyone else.
MAGIC Binder
Monthly calendar checked and signed daily
Goal sheet
Learning resources
Homework/Return to School front pocket
Work/information to keep at home back pocket
Reading, writing and math learning targets
Managing assignments, goals, information & communication
Read to Self
Read to/with Someone
Listen to Reading
Responding to Reading
Flexible Reading Groups
Conferring with an adult
**Thinking about and beyond the words on the page
Word Work/Spelling
High Frequency Words (25, 50, 100)
Word sound/spelling patterns
Focus on words in each child's authentic writing
Word Study notebook
Word Sorts
Guided and
Conferencing with
an adult
Reading, writing and math in small, flexible groups that are based on the child's current reading/writing needs. Students meet individually with an adult to develop and reflect on reading and writing goals.
Students write for real purposes about things that interest them, experimenting with the various genres. proper English, spelling, handwriting, and other mechanics are taught within writing workshop. Students learn the craft of writing through practice, conferencing, and studying the craft of authors. The ultimate goal is to develop life-long writers.
Personal narrative, How-to, Informational, Opinion, Realistic Fiction

A problem-solving approach based on everyday situations
An instructional approach that revisits concepts regularly
Frequent practice of basic skills, often through games and hands on manipulation
Lessons based on fluency, group discussion and problem solving
Mathematical content that goes beyond basic arithmetic
Class Website
Blogs about what we're learning
Newsletters & upcoming events
Curriculum Resources
Please subscribe
The In's & Out's
Snacks- brain food & peanut free
Dismissal- email the office and I with any changes.
**If you do not get a reply before 3pm,
call the office.
Lunch- sit with our class
Free seating Friday
Recess- play with a variety of friends
Sneakers on P.E. days
Popcorn Fridays
Star Student
Based on Fountas & Pinnell reading levels
Making Meaning Reading Program
Lucy Calkins Units of Study
Communication is the Key
Phone: (425) 837-5831
E-mail: hirshbergm@issaquah.wednet.edu
Newsletters- Wednesdays- online
Website- Subscribe to our website to get
Research shows that our children learn best through playing, exploring and imagination
I ask your child to work hard during the school day in all academic areas. Family time and rest are what evenings are for.
There is a big difference between assigning "busy work" vs. homework with meaning.
Our District Policy is 10 minutes of homework per grade level, 1st through 5th... equaling 10 minutes for us.
A reading calendar will be in the MAGIC binders that will be our consistent homework
Small additions with come from time to time
Questions... email me :)
Common Core Standards
Science and Social Studies
Science and social studies are integrated throughout reading and writing and use a hands-on, student centered and inquiry-based approach to investigate Earth, Physical, and Life sciences.
Stars and Moon
Magnets and Motion
Families/Traditions Around the World
In the classroom...
Meeting 1:1 for reading/writing/math with a child
Use a coaching sheet to take notes
Pull to a quiet spot in the room
Will not be pulling a group out into the hallway
Please remember we're supporting student responsibility and independence

All volunteers must sign up online every year

i pads
Video Making
Picture Taking
Math and Literacy Apps
Story Writing Apps
Computer Lab & labtops
Build computer efficiency skills
How can you help?
Check your child's MAGIC binder
every night
Volunteer any way you can (register online)
PTSA involvement- register on
the website (we need 100%)
Wish List- will be posted on class website
Talk to your child about their day

Fountas & Pinnell Phonics
Words Their Way
Lucy Calkins Units of Study
We will add to the binder as the year goes on
Seesaw- coming soon :)
Monthly Art Projects
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