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Let's Discover the Native American Tribes of Ohio!

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Maggie McMullen

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Let's Discover the Native American Tribes of Ohio!

Let's Discover the Native American Tribes of Ohio!
But before we take a blast to the past....
Please pull out your journal paper and remember to record what you discover
Buckle up because we are going to have an excellent adventure as we travel back in time to the traditional Native American Tribes!
It is time to get started!
The Shawnee Indians were one of the original Native Americans to live in Ohio.
We are going to discover five of the eight Native American tribes that settled in Ohio!
We are going to take a closer look at the Shawnee, Miami, Mingo, Delaware, and Ottawa.
Each tribe is unique in its own way
Let's take a deeper look at each of these tribes!
Click on the link below to learn more about the Shawnee

Journal Entry 1
Can you tell me what region of Ohio the Shawnee Indians lived in?
The Miami Indians were located in the western side of Ohio
They did lots of things but one thing that they were know for was their
Journal Entry 3
Write two complete sentences about what you notice in the bead-work. What does their beadwork look like? Do you think it was easy to make things out of beads?
The Mingo Indians were unique in their own way. Click on the link below to learn about them:

Journal Entry 5
What other Native American tribe were the Mingo Indians related to?
The Delaware Indians were originally known as the "Lenape" Indians.
They had very fancy traditional clothing.
Journal Entry 7
What did the Delaware Indians use to decorate their clothing?
Finally, the Ottawa Indians lived in the northwestern region of Ohio
But they didn't always live in Ohio.
Click on the link to learn about them
Journal Entry 9
Where did the Ottawa Indians live before they moved to Ohio?
I am glad that you explored with us!
We learned so much about some of the different Native American tribes from Ohio!
Remember to make sure that your Journal page is complete and....
...don't forget to turn it in to your teacher!
Thank you for joining us!
Journal Entry 2
What are two other interesting facts that you learned about the Shawnee Indians?
Journal Entry 4
If you did beadwork, what would you make?
Journal Entry 6
What other name were the Mingo Indians sometimes called?
Now that we know what the Delaware Indian's clothing looked like let's learn about what their clothing was called
Click on the link below to learn a little more about them:
Journal Entry 8
What was the name of the clothing that the Delaware men wore?
Journal Entry 10
What other Native American tribes are the Ottawa related to?
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