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Tyson Johnson

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Electric Fans Presentation by Tyson J. Who marked the first fan EF or Electric Fans Who Invented the
electric fan "The electric fan was invented by Dr. Schuyler Wheeler in the 1900s. He drew on the work of Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla and invented a desktop fan consisting of two blades (unshielded by a cage) powered by an electric motor. The fan was marketed by the
Crocker & Curtis Electric Motor Company. All previous motors were battery powered curios for the laboratory and the classroom, until, that is, about the year 1882, when the first, small electric fan (still battery powered) was introduced. 1882 marks the beginning of Edison's central power generation for incandescent lighting, begun in New York City. Three personalities are behind this motor you're about to see. Schuyler S. Wheeler, at 22, was one of the builders of the Pearl Street station. Francis B. Crocker was an inventor and more. Charles G. Curtis was a partner.
The two latter men took Wheeler into their new partnership in 1886. Goal: to make and market the first appliance motors. One model would be to drive the ubiquitous sewing machine. Think of tailor shops. Another would be an electric fan, of which Wheeler may be said to have been the inventor, at least, of the first mains-powered electric fan. This motor represents the first application of mains power to a device other than the arc or incandescent lamp. It is the beginning of the electro-kinetic era. I will update this old posting again as the information comes to light and can be sorted into a readable form. How I learned, just the other day, about Wheeler's association with the short-lived C&C firm
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