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Cell City

No description

Steve From State Farm

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Cell City

Cell City
For this cell analogy project I chose to use a city. The reason I chose this was because it is easy to compare a city to a cell such as comparing the nucleus to the mayor's office.
Nucleus/City Hall
The nucleus and city hall have a little bit in common. They are both the control center of a city or a cell. They both hold what is important to their structure .
Nucleolus/The Mayor
The nucleolus create the ribosomes which help the cell make proteins. The mayor can help find ways to make the city operate better.
Cell Membrane/Border of City
You can compare the cell membrane to the border because it can control what comes in and out.
Mitochondria/Power Plant
Mitochondria creates energy for the cells.The power plants provide energy for cities.
Cell Analogy
Laws are one of the structures holding a city together. The cytoskeleton is the structure hat gives shapes to a cell.
Cytoplasm/City Street
Cytoplasm is a fluid that organelles are suspended in. Streets hold up the city.
Golgi Apperatus/Post Office
The Golgi Apparatus ships synthtesized proteins throughout the cell just like when a post offices sends packages.
The court decides what to do in times of confusion and chromosomes decide what the cell does.
Rough ER/Delivery Van
The Rough ER sends chemicals between and within the cell just like when delivery van sends packages.
Nucleus CityHall
MitochondriaPower plant
Nucleolus Mayor
Rough ER Delivery Van
Golgi aparratus Post office
Chromosome Courthouse
Cell membrane Fence
Cytoplasm city street
Cytoskeleton Laws
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