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No description

Gavin Cady

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of Vikings

The vikings had 4 social classes
There were some Thralls
The second was Karls
The third was Jarls
The last was Kings
There was only one King
The Jarls were mainly soldiers
The Thralls were slaves
The decline of the Vikings

The Social Classes Of the Vikings
Adapting to the Environment
We are doing a project about the Viking's :By Jaden Higgins, Aiden Smith, Max McGill, Jovani Pimental and Gavin Cady.
rugged mountains
Viking location and physical environment
modern day Scandinavia

Viking god Odin
Viking Religion Beliefs
viking clothing
Viking food

The King usually ruled over all the people.

He was the leader in religious, and military matters
Easter egg text
The battle of Hastings was what decided the Vikings future.
It was a battle between the British and the Vikings.
When the king of Britan died in battle the rest of the troop starting dying faster thus ending the battle.
Golden Age of The Vikings
Viking House
Viking long Boat
One of the Vikings greatest achievements:
Odin was the creator of humans
The Vikings Were Great Explorers
vikings believed
The Viking King
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