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San Francisco

No description

Julia Hülskamp

on 9 February 2015

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Transcript of San Francisco

San Francisco

San Francisco
Golden Gate Park

-Civic Center
-Embarcadero Center
-Union Square
-Cable Cars
-Museum of modern Art
-Palace of fine Art
- Seacliff state beach
-Painted ladies
Mission Dolores
Fisherman's Wharf
by Maike, Merle S., Franzi and Julia
Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco 49ers
San Francisco Giants
financial district
- a native American tribe occupied the San Francisco bay
- 16th century : spanish conquerors sent two expeditions to explore the westcoast
- Hernán Cortés finds California (the official discovery was 10 years later with Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo)
- first they find the entry from the bay 1775, because there was a lot of fog
- 1776: the first europeans come to California
- spanish soldiers and missonarys found the church Mission Dolores and the presidio at the Golden Gate for the safe from the mission
- the missionarys name the city San Francisco de Asís (saint Franz von Assisi); the mission was lead by Junípero Serra (Franciscan padre (Franziskanerpater))
- University of San Francisco (1855)
- University of California, San Francisco (1873)
- San Francisco State University (1899)
- Golden Gate University (1901)
- Academy of Art, San Francisco (1929)
Conservatory of Flowers
Japanese Tea Garden
M.H. de Young Memorial museum
John McLaren
The city by the bay
list of references
Levi's stadium-
New home of the san francisco 49ers
Google pictures
Tourist guides
- Chinatown

beginning of the tour
The rock
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