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Opinion Leaders

No description

Lauren Gunn

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Opinion Leaders

Opinion Leaders
Definition of opinion leaders
Characteristics of opinion leaders
Important company strategies
Red Bull company marketing plan

Company Strategy
Understand what is important to customers
Opinion leaders support company
Word-of-mouth communication
Media outlets
Allows customers a sense of support
Red Bull
Communication Strategy
Important emphasis on word-of-mouth
Opinion leaders have a large influence
Consumers need opinion leaders to help them with purchases
Companies need opinion leaders for networking their product
Opinion Leader
Individuals that actively filter, interpret, or provide product or brand-relevant information to their family, friends, and colleagues.
Characteristics of Opinion Leaders
Enduring Involvement
Demographic importance
Relevant information
Over 250 athletes under contract
Use these athletes are leaders in their sports to promote their energy drinks
Brand Managers
Use the importance of word-of-mouth
Hire students on campuses to promote Red Bull
Allow for students to receive information from peers
Opinion leaders are known to be the ones to verify the information and filter that to other members.

Use two-step flow of communication
“I drink Red Bull 30 minutes before every race, when I drive and any time I get tired. Red Bull gives me that extra boost that I need!”
Lindsey Vonn (Ski Alpine, USA)
By: Lauren Gunn
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