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La Tomatina

This will discuss the celebration in Spain "La Tomatina."

Shaye Davis

on 30 March 2011

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Transcript of La Tomatina

La Tomatina By Sofía Davis and Daniela Miller Block 7 History La Tomatina has taken place in Buñol, Spain since the year of 1945. There are many different theories on why the tradition had started. One theory is a number of friends started a tomato fight for unknown reasons. It is unclear whether the initial throw was aimed at city officials or pedestrians. Preparation The night before, the square is filled with tomatoes. Early Wednesday morning, shopkeepers and business owners along the plaza cover windows and doors in preparation for the fiasco. Large trucks drive up the cobblestone streets. Official instigators begin ceremoniously pelting the awaiting crowd with tomatoes tucked in from the four corners of spain. The Event The event starts off with everyone eating breakfast. At promptly 11 a.m. the brawl begins and at this point it is every man for themselves. The fight then begins but there are some rules that must be followed:
1. It is illegal to bring any kind of bottles or other objects that could cause harm.
2. You must not tear your t-shirt
3. Tomatoes must be crushed before thrown, so they don't hurt anyone. Causes/importance This event started as onlookers throwing tomatoes for unknown reasons. As the event grew, it is used as an effort to draw in more tourism into spain. For the townspeople, it is still caught on as a fun event that continues today. This celebration also coincedes with the towns patron saint. Fun Facts There is no real political or relgious significance.
20,000 people from other countries come and celebrate.
Buckets of water are thrown at the crowds first by the fight instigators in the tomato trucks.
After the battle, you can hose off the splatter on the riverbank, where the town slaps together makeshift public showers.
Every year, the fight is nationally televised by the most prestigious agencies in Spain. THE END GRACIAS!
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