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Guide on the Side: Better for student learning, better for library budgets

ACRL DVC Spring Program April 30, 2014

Nancy Bellafante

on 31 July 2015

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Transcript of Guide on the Side: Better for student learning, better for library budgets

Guide on the Side
Better for student learning, better for library budgets

What's GotS?
Easy-to-use tutorial creation software
making my first video tutorial
Instruction@ Drexel Libraries
How do we scale up?
Low cost production
Quick & easy to make and edit
Share on webpages, Libguides, & in LMS
Looks good!
For the Librarian
Easy to use
Learning by doing
Navigational control
Instant feedback
Proof of completion
For the Learner
In-house IT support required
iFrame limitations
Style & standards
and considerations
Nancy Bellafante
Drexel University
Librarian for Undergraduate Learning
4 hours later
8 hours later
Vendor announces new interface
told in 'selfies'
How about video?
Learning by doing
First-Year Writing Program
Freshman Engineering
D&B Database: Find Companies
E-Z Borrow: Borrow a Book from Another Library
Encyclopedia of Associations
Knovel: Find Material Properties
ProQuest Research Library: Learn to Search a Database
Summon: Search for a Variety of Sources
Uniworld: Find International Companies
Vault Career Insider: Conduct Job Research
Next Steps
Usage tracking
It was extremely useful. I learned tons in a very short amount of time.
I thought it ran smoothly, and focused on directing me to the important highlights of researching using Summon.
This was very helpful! As a student in my first quarter of the online MSHE program, I now have the information I need in order to get started on the right foot!
This was a nice, quick tutorial that will definitely be useful during my studies.
Back in freshman year, one of our English classes had a number of full classes devoted to learning what this tutorial summed up in 10 minutes. Definite improvement to the previous classes!
Better to be a guide on the side, than a sage on the stage.
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