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Product Management Meet Up Budapest

No description

Amanda Richardson

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Product Management Meet Up Budapest

What Makes a Great Product Manager?
Words of Wisdom
Don't be an a$$hole. You're not Steve Jobs.
What is Product Management?
Being a PM Takes The Ability to...
- get your hands dirty
How I Evaluate PMs
What Every PM Should Answer
- who does your product serve?
Research and Get Out There
Sunshine and Jobs That Touch People
Learn by Not Being the Expert
You're Not the User
At Home Changing the World
Finding a solution that is usable, feasible and valuable
Prioritizing the right problems to solve
Managing a set of features to be a complete experience
But What Do You Do?
Know your users
Study the data
Have guts and a point of view
Pontiac Aztek
four doors for kids
Sporty car for men in their 30s
hatch back to carry sports stuff
tailgate and sports equipment!
not really a sports car...
four doors for kids
Focus Groups!
and a part-time camper??
"One of the worst cars of all time" - Time magazine
"One of the 100 ugliest cars" - Daily Telegraph poll

Top of the 100 Worst Cars of All Time by Edmunds because "it has a singular distinction: it destroyed an 84-year-old automaker."
A Little About Me
Product Stories
pain killers
good for you
you know you should
immediate pain relieved
the more you use, the harder it is to stop
how disappointed would you feel if you could never use it again
solves a big problem well
Winning Product Managers
10,000 hour rule to be a success.
PM Competencies
User Intimacy
Product Knowledge
Product Discovery
Holistic Product/Funnel
Data Analysis
Product Strategy
Execution Management
know the pains and needs of your users
talk directly to users to validate hypotheses
understand all the functionality of the product
know where your product set touches others
understand product and have a strategy from acquisition to engagement
prove and understand data
always be able to measure changes and impact
create small tests to find value
test all along development for feature validation
instill confidence of management and team
be a champion for your product area
drive features/changes to deliver ultimate goal;
remember goal above KPI
set plans and objectives
measure and communicate
change when necessary and communicate broadly
user intimacy
data analysis
Ask unmet needs. Seek unrealized needs.
- have friends at home
- build bridges with everyone
- not know too much and earn trust
Seek wisdom and inspiration
rate yourself 1-10
- what is your unique insight?
- how do you measure success of your product (according to your users)?
- what is the purpose/value of the product to the user?
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