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John F. Kennedy

No description

Brock Berry

on 23 November 2011

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Transcript of John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy
He joined the Navy in 1943 when his PT boat was rammed ad sunk by a Japanese destroyer, after he lead his crew through the water to safty.
He was born on May 29, 1917 in Broolyn, MA.
Not yet 3 years old he became very sick with the scarlet fever.
John had an older brother Joe four sisters and 3 little brothers.
He graduated from Harvard University in 1940.
He was the 35 president.
John hurt his back while playing football for Hardvard and never really recovered from that injury.
His term was less than one due to his assassination on November 22, 1963.
John F. Kennedy had a aircraft carrier named after him in 1968.
He was married to Jacqueline Kennedy.
John was an officer in the U.S.A Navy.
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