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Nuts And Bolts of Virtualization

A dive into some of the technology that enables virtualization.

Tim Mangan

on 5 March 2011

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Transcript of Nuts And Bolts of Virtualization

Nuts and Bolts of Virtualization Capturing an information source or processing agent as a resource, and
providing the same capability using a different infrastructure than was originally intended. Capture
Use. Abstraction Substitution of processing agent with a different processing agent that provides an identical interface. Emulation Virtualization Software Software Emulation Software Intel Intel 8086 Motorola 6800 Software Software Hypervisor Software Emulation Virtualization Layering Organzed clumping Function/Service Ordered
Interface Between Hooking Physically modifying a
standard library function. call the std function
return rejection/error
modify req & call std
call std & modify return Filter Driver An OS supported interface"hook" in
the kernel I/O subsystem. Regmon/Filemon
Software Protocol Monitors
Anti Virus
Application Virtualization Examples of use: Redirection Translating a
request to
a different location. Examples: Terminal Services
"home drives"
User Environment Products Microsoft ACT? Spoofing Store this,
please. Done! Hey cloud!
Can you
store this? X,2 OSI 7 Layer Model Isolation Interfaces (Possibly) Imposing a
modification to a flow across
an interface Vertical or Horizontal Isolation
Blocking or Permiable
One-way or Two X.200 Layers A hook inspects the request.
It can: Ap Virtualization Isolation Interfaces High latency WAN to Fuzou Quiz!
Is it Caching
or Spoofing? Read = caching Write = spofing Controller might read next sector hoping you ask for it. Controller holds in RAM until head is ready but says it is done.
Normally disable unless battery backed! Caching Spoofing Agent Creates (temporary) copy
Agent responsible copy is up to date
"Last Write Wins" if copy modified Agent that fakes a completion.
Agent responsible for completion.
Data loss if doesn't happen. Windows Caching Examples User Profile Caching
Windows Cache Manager uses Virtual Memory to let multiple processes use same dll.
Cache Manager "pre requests" file pages if detects serial file read.
Standby Memory holds copy of released files in case needed again.
"Supercache" pre-reads files based on past usage patterns. Streaming Transmitting portions ot the whole
and allowing processing to start early. Examples:
Application Virtualization Streaming
OS Streaming
Profile Streaming But is it caching or spoofing? It's a copy - caching drive you nuts! Don't let the details (Except when it's not) Sandbox Type I HyperVisor Type II HyperVisor Isolated Layer or Container
State outside protected from changes
State changes inside often discarded
Java Paravirtualization
Implies direct path to hardware
Often requires mod to guest VM
Some things might still go through root partition De-Duplication Memory (Resource) Ballooning Over-Commitment Broker Gateway De-Duplication De-Duplication De-Duplication Detect and replace with linkage

Disk Storage DeDup
Memory DeDup (VMware) Detect contention and reduce usage

Dynamic Memory (Microsoft) Claim Shared Resource Availability assuming they won't use it all

Frame Relay
Virtual CPU Scheduling
Memory Availability 1 2 3
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