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Habit 1: Be Proactive

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Dezirah Gowdy

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Habit 1: Be Proactive

Things go wrong, we feel shaken up.

As a result, we might EXPLODE!
Proactive or Reactive?
Freshman Foundations

Manage yourself
Habit 6
Habit 3
Put First
Things First
Habit 4
Think Win-Win
Habit 1
Be Proactive
Habit 1: Be Proactive:
What happens to a bottle of soda when it is shaken up?
Things to Control at School
Habit 2
Begin with the
End in Mind
are the Habits?
Academic Calendar

Things you
control or change:
Other people
Things you did wrong in the past
How other people treat us

Will Power

Things you
control or change:
Your attitude
Your mood
Your reaction to good and bad things that happen
How I treat other people
See alternatives, not roadblocks
Habit 5
Seek First to Understand,
Then to Be Understood
1. List all assignments with Due dates on the date it is assigned

2. Add in other needs: family and friend engagements, sports, community events, etc. that you need to go to in Pen. Add what you want in pencil.

3. Add in times to work on multi-day projects and time to review for tests DAYS in advace.

4. Schedule where you will go for TAT and who/what you need to talk about.

5.Cross off what you get done... and Enjoy the feeling of PROACTIVE accomplishment!
Water remains the same.

We might get shaken up, but we stay calm
Ready with a calm attitude.
Do things to make sure that the right things will happen.
Prepared for anything that might happen.
People who make things happen
People who watch things happen
People who wonder…what happened

Three Types of People
Focus on things you can change or influence
Based on The Seven Habits of Highly Effetive Teens by Sean Covey
Explode at any minute.
Things happen and “catch off guard”.
Not ready for things that might happen.
Just Push Pause

Habit 7
Sharpen The Saw
Haters B Hate'in
What do you do if someone in the hall is spreading rumors?
You choose:
- Tell them to shut up and punch them in the face.

-Get depressed because it must be true.

-Start a new rumor to show them.

- Forgive them

- Confront the person and calmly talk it out

-Ignore it, you know you are Awesome, they'll figure it out too!
- Academic Calendar
-Know my Teachers
-Find a Mentor
Manage Your Relationships
- Hang out with People at school that WANT to be successful.

- Get to know your teachers, Ask QUESTIONS, come to TAT

- Find a Mentor. You won't get along with everyone. Find an adult that can help and knows how!
Complete the Worksheet

Situation Response & Sometimes, Always, Never
"Sometimes life moves so fast that you instantly react to everything out of sheer habit. If you can learn to 'just push pause,' get control, and think about how you want to respond, you'll make smarter decisions."
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