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Why Chocolate is Better Than Candy

Persuasive Essay

Stephanie Miller

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Why Chocolate is Better Than Candy

Summation Chocolate's health benefits trump
candy's by far.
Chocolate is healthier in many ways but most importantly reducing heart risk.
Candy is unhealthy and harms the body rather than helping it.
Empty calories and low nourishment comes from candy and increases the chance of diabetes.
EAT CHOCOLATE! History of Chocolate and Candy Why Chocolate is Better Than Candy Chocolate dates back several centuries pre-modern Latin America
Cocoa was first grown by the indians in 1200 B.C.
90% of chocolates history states it was a beverage before a solid
Candy first "invented" by cave man by eating combs and honey
In Ancient times their treats would be fruit and nuts rolled in honey
In the middle ages, Europeans would make candy from boiling sugar
First candy store opened in 1864 Facts on Chocolate Lower BMI
Boosts heart health by lowering blood pressure and risk of heart disease
Regularly eating chocolate reduces risk of Diabetes by increasing insulin sensitivity.
Dark chocolate has antioxidants called flavinoids that protects skin from UV rays.
Since cocoa boosts blood flow studies prove it makes you smarter and your vision better. Facts on Candy The 18th source of calories in America is Candy
Candy often contain no nutrients making them empty calories
High sugar intake robs you of much needed nutrients, like calcium, because your body uses them to digest the sugar
Leads to the development of cavities
Causes insulin resistance
Sugar in candy leaches calcium from your bones creating the risk of osteoperosis
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