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B&N Birthday Invite

No description

Aaron Hufnagel

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of B&N Birthday Invite

Bella and Norah They are having a party! Really what for? Their B-Day, duh! What else would babies have parties for? So these girls are having their first birthday AWESOME! tell me about it! when is it? Saturday May 22nd where is it? Their House 114 Frostwood Lane
Greenwood, IN 46143 and lasts until you leave Sweet! I am almost there! But what time? it starts at 2 PM EST What do I need to do? RSVP call us @ 317-887-1727 or email us sahufnagel@att.net So let's recap We are celebrating! Cool......I know They are having a BIRTHDAY!! turning 1 year old Date Time Location What do I need to know? you really don't pay attention do you? Saturday May 22, 2010 mark your calendars! important to write it down! When can I be there 2 PM EST and it lasts until we throw you out where is it again? 114 Frostwood Lane
Greenwood, IN 46143 do you have directions? Are you serious?! No, I don't have directions!
It is 2010! Mapquest it for crying out loud. I'm going to feed you, what more do you want? Okay you have all that down? Good.
What are you forgetting? RSVP That's right thanks! 2 ways to do it Call us 317-887-1727 or you can email us sahufnagel@att.net
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