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Whistler Trip

No description

Herman Ng

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Whistler Trip

Whistler Trip Attractions Restaurants Afternoon Evening Lunch ( Fast Foods ) Hotels Hiltons Dinner Amami Asian Crusine
La Bocca KFC Zog's Avalanche Pizza Bread Garden Cicca The Keg The Mountain Club Restaurant Amami Spaghetti factory Araxi Caminetto di Umberto Morning lounge bedroom
kitchen kitchen
lounge ( blurry version
bungee jumping Golfing
Watching a Movie Village 8 Cinema's
Vancouver 2010 Olympics Anthello spa
Art Gallery
Zipline flyfishing
snomobile rides
snowdog rides aboriginal
The Core Fitness Gyms Indoor RockClimbing
hot springs Snowmobile Bungee Jumping Miscellaneous 20 sightlines End of Village Park East Interviewed people. Art Gallery 2nd Flimaker Cuts ( Telus) Luge and Skeleteon race track for 2010 Winter Olympics Memoir of Georgian Luger Nodar
for 2010 Winter Olympics Shopping Earls the men on the left photo came to
whistler because of a school trip and he is a teacher
he wanted to come to whistler for a small tour.
Also he was at the Hilton hotel, and he thinks the service is
good but however it was a bit pricy, he would rate the hotel a 3. Also he came from saskatoon.
This man came from vancouver, and he is here on a
small tour as well. He lived at the Westin Hotel which was
350 dollars a night for a suite. He thinks its a bit pricy as well for one night
Renting a bike
costs 200 dollars Going to a internet cafe, costs around 12 dollars
an hour. We didn;t find anything in the
cats skull Poster of 2010 Olympics
Hawaiian Pizza 4.25 per slice
Deluxe 5.25 per slice
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