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Little Red Riding Hood Plot Diagram

A plot diagram for the fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood" by the Grimm Brothers.

John Tabakian

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Little Red Riding Hood Plot Diagram

Little Red Riding Hood
This story is about a young girl who is given a red coat to wear. She is sent by her mother to take food to her sick grandmother. She is also told to avoid stopping along the way.
A wolf sees Little Red Riding Hood
The wolf asks the girl where she is going
The wolf tells the girl to pick flowers, while he goes to her grandma's house.
The wolf gets to the house before the girl and eats up the girl's grandmother
The girl finally reaches the house and finds her "grandmother", who is really the wolf, in bed. The girl comments on how surprisingly strong her grandmother looks. The wolf wisely responds to each comment, before leaping out of bed and eating Little Red Riding Hood.
A lumberjack hears screams coming from the house
He rushes into the house with his ax
He kills the wolf and rips its chest open
The sick grandmother and the girl climb out of the now dead wolf's stomach. They are finally reunited thanks to the lumberjack.
Little Red Riding Hood
by the Grimm Brothers
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