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Exeter College Visit

Visiting a GRADE 1 College


on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Exeter College Visit

3 - Findings 2 - The College 1 - The City What can we get from this?
How can we apply some good practice?
What does make an outstanding college?
What can we do? s data: impact of data? extra activities to students: enrichment (extra value: workshops, teaching contact, TD... students need to know where they are in terms of assessment it is about meeting the students in the morning and following them throughout the day there is trust in staff and their professionalism in doing what they are supposed to do... there are high expectations from staff and from students... The structure is:
Deputy Principal
Assistant Principal
Deputy Head
Head of Faculty
Course Leader
Course Tutor
TD T+L: main attention to SoW and RoW
All files are on line and shared among all...

Observations happen in November and February (for 2 weeks) (Deputy Head and Head of Faculty - to keep standards - and Assistant Principal around... Open Doors
in October (all staff walk around and the focus is on CPD)
and in February... (staff choose what they want to see...) All students have a log book (Outstanding...) SAR is done once a year - at the end of the academic year - with head of Faculty and Deputy Head.
It is then presented to the Principal and Governors back in September the following year... Focus on how you are working, rather than providing paperwork about actions and impact of the actions and paper feedback. All is discussed/sorted in meetings, and minuted. Heavy use of emails... (in all cases) SMT: Learning walks: twice a term.
All get used with people coming in and out the classrooms... and students get used to have guests.
P + DP + AP discuss these walks and plan CPD and actions as a result of the "chat" with staff and students. They are able to identify patterns around the college and CPD becomes alive and purposeful. (Outstanding) We have to understand that what makes a college is the staff and the students. All our papers are easy to use and purposeful and measurable...
You have to empower staff to empower students... it is a 2-way road. Feedback from tutor in students logbook was considered outstanding. All credit and success is given to staff and students. they know what to do, we believe and trust they are doing their best. What makes a college god, bad, outstanding is the staff... the students... all the rest is there to support them. It is a change of culture, a change of perspective. And it works.
Nigel Watts _HoF CCI
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