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Skylar Shuford

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

China and the Community's similarities
By: Skylar Shuford
core: 3 Population Control "The Giver"- You are only allowed
to have two children, one male and one
female unless, a child dies you can apply for a
replacement child.
China- Couples that live in the city may only
have one child. Unless, a child is severely
disabled or dies, or if a couple has twins. However
people who live in the rural parts of china are allowed
to have more than one. Age of adulthood "The Giver"- Adulthood starts after the ceremony of twelve,
after that you still continue to go to school but you also train
for your "assignment" or job.
China- In rural areas of China most children stop going to school
at 15 but, in the city education is free to students until high
school and then you have to pay modest fees. So many children
stop going to school at 15 and start working. Spouses "The Giver"- The Committee of Elders chooses who
your spouse is by finding a balanced match to be your
partner. They often take many years to make sure
they find the best match.
China- Although women have gained the right to choose
who they wed, there are still several cases of arranged
marriage by parents of a child. In old China arranged
marriages were how people wed until about 40 years ago
when wedding how you loved became more common. Transportation "The Giver"- In the book the only transportation used is a bicycle,
which you receive at the ceremony of 9 and walking. They also have
airplanes but I'm not sure if they are used by the people in the community
China- In china citizens mainly ride bikes and walk but, they also have
trains, taxis, airplane, bus and waterways. Ceremonies "The Giver"- The people in the community
celebrate each new age that you turn from 1 to
12, 12 being the most important. The ceremonies
are held for two straight days and the children
receive some kind of gift. Ex: at the age of nine
you receive a bicycle and at 12 you receive the
job you will do for the rest of your life.
China- When a women gets engaged or when
she turns 20 she receives a hair pinning
ceremony where they gather a women's hair in a
knot and pin it with a hair pin. The men have a similar ceremony called the capping ceremony but instead they are capped with an inner cap, then another cap and scarf. Next the mans hair is gathered into a bun which also symbolizes adulthood. Thanks for
watching I hope you enjoyed my presentation
on similarities between China and
"The Giver"s community and how similar
some places are to what we have been reading. Sources
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