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Slave meals

No description

Gene Monahan

on 21 November 2016

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Transcript of Slave meals

Slave meals
Slave clothes
Slaves were given one pair of shoes, one pair of stockings, one hat, one jacket, two course shirts, and two pairs of trousers yearly." In the winter time I suffered much from cold".
Planter clothes
Planter Meals
Planter meals included a variety of meats such as sausage and roast beef. They also ate eggs from there farms.
Life as a planter Vs. life as a slave.
A comparison by: Lucy Dunn
Who were slaves?
Slaves were people who could be bought and forced to work. They were often African Americans who were taken from their homes.
What is a planter?
Planters are people who own plantations. They were very wealthy, and most of the time had slaves.
Most slaves were given one bushel of corn per week throughout the year, which they had to grind them selves!
Planters had the finest clothes because of their wealth. With soft doe skin gloves and breeches. They also had steel buckles!
Slave daily life
Slaves are forced to work all day no matter the age or weather outside. If they tried to escape, they would be brutelly punished!
Planter daily life
Planters would supervise there slaves and tend for there families. If slaves were to disobey the planter, they would punish them.
Pictures from Bing images
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