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Smart Data Driven Classrooms

Conley's Classroom Data Source

Ccdatasource Conley

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of Smart Data Driven Classrooms

Teachers should have this information readily available to them
-Student allergy information
-Student CUM folder information (retained info, prior year’s grades/test scores, teacher comments, RTI statue, est.)
So, it's time to get your classroom up and running to its fullest potential
Take control of your classroom by taking control of your student data with Conley's Classroom Data Source, we get you back to doing what you do best...
Along with easy and teacher friendly access to all of this information
The new data driven classroom
Now presenting
Conley's Classroom Data Source
Lets take a look at teachers day to day...

- Email needs (to parents, teachers/now at anytime)
- Teach to individual students skill need (viewing test levels as they teach)
- Not having to wait till later to go to the CUM room
- Not having to wait for someone to find paperwork on a student
Eliminating the paperwork. Eliminating the stress.
-Benchmark Scores/Data
-FCAT Scores/Data
-And a plethora of other state and standardized tests.
Conley's Classroom Data Source
Conley's Classroom Data Source
-Student contact information (phone, emails, emergency contacts)
-Student's traveling information (how the student gets home or to after school programs, car rider, bus rider, walker est.)
-IEP Status/Accommodations
-ESOL Status/Accommodations
-RTI Status/Accommodations
-FAIR Scores/Data
Teachers should not have to hunt down this information, these are the basics for making the classroom a safe and data driven environment.
The Data Source is now putting all your student data in one secure and convenient location. Condensing stacks and stacks of CUM folders and print outs, into something that fits in the palm of your hand.
Free up your hands during field trips from those uncomfortable clipboards, because you can now access your classes information from your smart phone or device!!!
Quickly and easily access student data while teaching, or quickly email or call parents without having to go through monstrous stacks of student paperwork.
All of this information is now easily accessible in the palm of your hand!!!
Eliminating the paperwork. Eliminating the stress.
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