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No description

Japneet Toor

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Natneet

Japneet & Nathalia Natneet General Description Points System Code Of Arms/Flag Colors Location: Southeast of China, bordered by the South China Sea, approximately beside Hong Kong
Population: 11,712,481
Language: Japtalia
Development Type: Developing
Human Development Index: 8.5 (high development)
Natneet has 4 factors in the point system.
•Orange represents the similarities shared with the natural and original soil on Natneet.
•Red, yellow and orange show the rising of our country such as the discovery of our country, expanding and growth of Natneet, as well as our future improvements.
•The blue used is used to represent royalty within our country.
•Green represents part of our native tree which we call, “Dootoor”.
Economic Base
Natneet ranks 12 in the world’s economy. Just one below Canada. Although it is a developing country it makes a numerous amount of money because of mining, fishing and tourism. Mining and fishing provides a numerous amount of job opportunities. Oil and gas are the two products that are mined for the most. Since the civil war, a more organized and community friendly way has been developed to mine for oil. The second largest money making industry is fishing. The streams in Natneet are connected to the South China Sea, which connects to the Pacific Ocean, which allows a variety of fish to flow into the rivers and streams. Some of Natneet’s specialties are Rainbow Trout and Salmon. Natneet also has a high tourism rate. This is because of its many mixed old and modern architectures.
Education is the first factor. You can earn a total of 30 points in this category. Factor 2: English and Japthalia Language Ability
you can earn a maximum of 24 points
(You must be fluent in both the official languages of English and Japthalian).

Factor 3: Work Experience
you can earn a Maximum of 20 points
(Years experienced in the work industries)
Factor 4:
(Maximum 10)
(Age required to immigrant into country applying for)
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