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Persuasive vs Argumentative Writing

No description

John Fuller

on 27 June 2017

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Transcript of Persuasive vs Argumentative Writing

Persuasive writing only presents one side of an issue. Scholarly papers need to address both sides of an issue to give a complete analysis.
Argumentative writing provides more opportunities to have open discussions!
What is Persuasive Writing missing?
Argumentative Writing
Important Argumentative Writing Vocab
The writer tries to get the reader to accept his/her perspective as the truth.

The writer address both sides of an issue, using one to support the other.

Contains research to support thesis.

Based on reasons, credible facts, evidence from research
Contains an introduction, thesis, supporting details, acknowledgment to counterclaim, conclusion.

Like a debate on paper.

Doesn't need to convince audience!

proving a worthy cause


presents multiple perspectives
point of statement that supports one's ideas and/or thesis

Opposing argument (counterclaim)-
point of statement in opposition to the argument (claim) being made in a written document or speech.

support researched an presented to support your claim/thesis.

Call to action-
statement usually found in the conclusion urging the reader to act

What is the difference?
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Starting the essay...
The writer tries to get the reader to agree with his/her perspective.

The writing is based on opinion, personal conviction, emotion, and some facts

Writing contains bias (only 1 side of the issue)

Contains an introduction, thesis, supporting details, and conclusion.

May or may not include research for support.

Needs to convince audience!
: Start with a topic and choose a side.

: Choose a topic to
and then choose a side.
Persuasive vs Argumentative Writing
Persuasive Writing
Persuasive terms:
-Appeal to ethics; ads with celebrities or doctors
-Appeal to emotions; ads with children
- Appeal to logic; ads with facts
writer wants to lure audience to own perspective

proving a personal belief

personal, passionate, emotional

presents one perspective (your own

may acknowledge a single opposing viewpoint
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